Tuesday, May 3, 2016

may 2, 2016 letter

Dear Family:
It has been a really good week! There have been a lot of changes that are happening and I'm right in the middle of all of them! We found out that our zone is being absorbed into the Keizer Zone because of the lack of Spanish missionaries right now. It will now be the biggest zone in the mission with over 30 missionaries. We are super excited. We have set some pretty big goals for the zone and we are hoping to complete them all. The sisters that were in the branch with us had their area shut down, and we are now splitting their area between our area and the Hubbard Spanish area, which I used to be in when I was training Elder Carbajal. 

When I talked to president on the phone, he told me that I was supposed to train the new Spanish missionary from Mexico, but he sadly didn't get his visa, so he's not coming yet. I am excited to see what this transfer holds, but I am nervous for it! I have grown so used to being a missionary and doing missionary things, that the mission feels like home. It will be weird for me to come back home. I am excited to see the family, but not excited to leave the mission behind. Luckily President Samuelian comes home with me, so I feel more like the mission is leaving in my transfer anyway! (; 

We got to go to the temple this week and it was awesome. I love the temple so much. I am excited to be able to go whenever I want when I get back home and be able to go to the new Provo City Center temple. We went all together as a zone and it was fun. 

We also got to go to the tech training, which is one of my favorite trainings in the mission. President got pretty intense in it and told us that he wanted us to up our game and work even more diligently than we have been. I love the Tech Training because of the real life applications to technology after the mission.

Our investigators are doing really well and my new companion and I are literally going to be swamped with work covering our area and the sisters old area. It just never seems to slow down (; Going into my last transfer, I feel super weird. I don't know what to even think. I feel prepared and ready to work hard, and my biggest fear is going home with regrets. They commonly use the word "trunky" in the mission, and i'm definitely not trunky yet! I feel more than ever the desire and the drive to bring people unto Christ. One of the cool miracles this week was going on an exchange with Elder Caldwell, one of the Elders that are in our apartment. In about 40 minutes we found 6 solid investigators that want to come to church and change their lives. The work is beginning to hasten even more!
Elder Romney

Our District:  Sister Garner, Sister Holt, me, Elder Anzures, Elder Caldwell, Elder Peltier

Our Zone went to the temple

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