Tuesday, May 24, 2016

may 23, 2016 letter

Dear Family:
It has been a great week! We have been teaching a ridiculous amount of people! When I first got here, we were only teaching 4 people, and now we are teach about 49 people! It has been so amazing to be able to follow and listen to the spirit. 

I think there are things I learned from each of my areas and my companions. In the MTC I learned about the atonement and its ability to heal mentally, spiritually and physically, and the understanding that God gives us trials and allows us to struggle for our eternal growth because He loves us. While I was in Woodburn the first time, I learned the gospel and what it means; the need to be humble, and the Spanish language . In Forest Grove I learned how to lead and care for missionaries; to talk openly with companions and humbly take correction, and to change a group of people and their culture.  In Albany I learned to hold on during a rough patch, that God loves me even when I'm not perfect, and to love missionaries that are harder to love. In Newberg I learned how to really teach doctrine and how to manage the things that are most important, compared to the things that are not, and how to correct missionaries with love.  Now that I'm back here in Woodburn, I've learned the need to work hard and follow the spirit with exactness, and that it doesn't matter what I do, if I don't do it with charity. I have learned many other things through my experiences and my leaders, but those are the ones that stick out to me the most in each of my areas. 

It has been awesome listening to the spirit and seeing the fruits that come from it. I have a testimony that when I follow the spirit, that I'm blessed. I am working my hardest and we are seeing so many miracles.  We are teaching the nieces of a recent convert, and his son as well. We are just waiting for approval from the niece's mom and they will be baptized! 

I know this church is true and that Joseph Smith was a tool in the hands of the Lord to restore the Gospel. 
I love you all! 
Love, Elder Romney (:

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