Thursday, June 16, 2016

june 19, 2016: spencer's homecoming

Spencer's homecoming will be held on June 19th at 9:00am. The address of our church house is 1176 North 730 East Pleasant Grove, UT 84062.

Following sacrament we will have a breakfast to celebrate his return at our home!

june 15, 2016: spencer returned home

Here are a few pictures from when Spencer returned home from the airport!
We are soooo happy to have him home again!

june 13, 2016 letter

Dear Family:
It was another great week this week. I have had a lot of spiritual experiences preparing to return home and a lot of comforting ones as well. I got the oppurtunity to go to the last MLC, which is the 14th one I've been able to attend. It was an amazing and motivating day. We stayed the night and woke up and went to the tech training meeting which has really prepared me, as I return home, about how to use my electronic devices. I was able to bear my last testimony at MLC and the overwhelming thing I felt as I bore my testimony was extreme gratitude for my Savior and Heavenly Father for giving me this opportunity to serve. I'm grateful that the Lord even allowed me serve Him.
If I were to sum up the feelings I have at the end of my mission, it would be that I'm so grateful for the Savior and His gospel and His Father who sent him here to suffer for us. I hope to keep applying these principles as I return home and continue to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. With His love and guidance, I have my future set out in front of me, both temporarily and spiritually.
I'm excited to see you all!
I love you!
Love, Elder Romney (:

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

june 6, 2016 letter

(We didn't get a traditional letter from Elder Romney this week, just a couple of messages.  But we did get pictures!)
Hey! I probably will do part of my emailing right now, but we might be heading out soon. I am going up to Newberg to get a haircut from Sister V's daughter which will be sweet! And free! Haha. But I'll send some pictures right now.

(I asked Spencer when he would be leaving his apartment and going to the Mission Home next week, in preparation to fly home.)
Tuesday morning we leave to the temple with all the other departing missionaries, while our companions go to the transfer meeting, and then we go to the mission office and weigh our luggage and everything, and then we go to the mission home and have dinner and then have a devotional and then we sleep there and wake up and go to the airport!

(About 9 1/2 hours later, I finally got this message:)
Hey, sorry Mom, I got really caught up in Newberg and then we taught an amazing lesson to one of our investigators and I wasn't able to write a full letter. Hopefully I can maybe handwrite one and send it through the mail, as I won't have my email open the rest of the week.
I plan to buy another suitcase from Goodwill (its like the D.I. here) so i can fit all my stuff in it. Apparently we can have two big bags checked in and a small carry on. right now I only have 1 big bag, a carryon and a backpack. It would probably be cheaper than sending things home through the mail.
I love you so much Mom, and things are going awesome here! At 6 pm today, the time I normally write, we put someone on date for baptism on July 3rd!! It would be sweet to see them baptized!!
Love, Elder Romney (:

(So, Elder Romney is keeping busy working and teaching right through his last days as a missionary.  I can't be mad about that!)


Elder Searcy and me after our exchange.

We randomly did service for this family moving stuff and then they bought us and the elders we live with pizza! And then their little boy wanted to sit with us. Haha. He has a pass along card in his hand of Jesus Christ that we gave him.
We took a family to the temple!!

The only ones that are members are the two on the left in green. They were recently baptized. The one on the far far left is the mother of the 3 year old girl sitting next to me and the one with the white cardigan. She is also the sister to the lady in the green that is a member. The two members have a son, and he is the young boy in the middle. The 3 other girls (two in pink, and the one in the green Portland Timbers shirt) are all daughters of the male member's sister. We are waiting on permission from her to be able to baptize those three girls. So they all want to be baptized, and it's just a matter of time! It was super fun and spiritual(: