Tuesday, May 10, 2016

may 9, 2016 letter

Dear Family:
It was awesome Skyping home! I have such an awesome family. Thank you for all of the support and love that you give to me. Sometimes I forget how richly I am blessed to have such an amazing family who cares so much. I was sad I missed the Shawn and Karey clan, I hope they get feeling better, but I will see them soon though! 

This week has been such a crazy fun week. Elder Poch and I get along really well and we are probably working harder than with any other companion I have had. The only other time that I have been busier was when I was an assistant, and that was because of all of the extra things we were assigned to do. We are excited to see what the next 5 weeks hold in store for us!  I am, in no way shape or form, slowing down, in fact I feel that I am speeding up as the end is approaching. My biggest fear is that I come home with regrets, and I don't want that to happen! 

We have 5 people on date right now, all for June sometime, and 5 people came to church. We had a Mothers Day party at the chapel on Saturday night, and we scouted out the entire place and made sure that we introduced ourselves to every non-member and person we didn't know. We had a lot of success and found some people who seem really prepared. We found 5 new investigators there, and I can't wait to see what happens with them.

The thing that has stuck out to me the most this week was my ancestors and family. I have been studying a lot at the end of the night on family history. I have never been too interested in family history, but it says in my patriarchal blessing that I will do a lot of family history and that seems to be coming out now more than ever. I have been fascinated with the stories of Anson Bown Call and Miles Park Romney. They are the ones I have been reading the most about and I love it. It makes me have a larger sense of urgency to fill in the large footsteps that they have left for me. It also makes me more appreciative of the footsteps that I am trying to fill of my Dad and older brothers and brothers-in-law. They are some big shoes and hope that I can fill them and live up to them at some point! Even more than anyone else, I want to try and follow the footsteps of my Heavenly Father and my Savior. The sealing power in the temple has seemed to be more relevant to me the past week and I can't wait to see all of the people I have been sealed to some day and feel and experience their faith in Jesus Christ! I would love to study more stories of our ancestors when I get home, so if you find any good ones, let me know so I can read them when I am home! 

It is fourth quarter now, and I love it. It's the quarter where you have to work the hardest, it's the quarter that is the hardest to work in, and it's the quarter that shows who you really are. 
I love you all!
Love, Elder Romney.

P.S. Elder Romney will come home on June 15th. His homecoming is on Sunday the 19th. More details to come as it gets closer! :)

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