Wednesday, February 25, 2015

february 24, 2015 letter

Dear Family:
Sorry I wasn't able to email the other day, we had a huge meeting with all of the mission together about the new missionary technology that is coming in. This was a huge event because it was the first time in the missions history that the whole entire mission got together. We had one of the seventy come and speak to us and someone in the presidency at the provo mtc come and talk to us and it was one of the coolest experiences ever. The way that they explained it is basicall going to change everything about missionary work. if I were to explain it in any way it would be like preach my gospel coming out. They basically said to us to forget everything we thought we knew about missionary work because it was going to be different now. One of the missionaries stood up and said "I came out on my mission to get away from technology, I don't like this whole Idea" and the 70 looked at him and said, "well get out of the 90's son, you're in 2015."  He said that with the new advancement in technology that we could get into any home. because a lot of times people are gone, or lessons get cancled or something like that, but with their cellphone they're always home. He said it will get us into homes that we've never been able to. We will be able to Skype, get member presents through Skype. teach through facebook and a bunch of other things. He told us that the work is going from "hastening the work, to turning it into hyperspeed." he said that this work is literally going to skyrocket and we are going to begin having 3 times the lessons that we've been able to have in the past. 

There was a video that the church made just a little while ago about Christmas and it had 34 million views on it and over 34,000 people requested to see missionaries online after seeing the video. the church is putting in ridiculous amounts of money and time into videos and blogs and all of these other things because it is having such wild success. And you know those pamphlets that they came out with about 15 or so years ago of the restoration and plan of salvation and everything? Now those are all online and they are interactive with built in videos, and its something that members and investigators can download on there electronics. I personally think that's brilliant to get into people because when we hand them a pamphlet they don't ever really have any interest in reading it and just get on their phone... so why not put it on there phone?!  he basically said that the Lord is going to hasten this work ridiculously fast and that numbers in everything are going to begin to skyrocket and that the church is going to basically take over the internet haha. It was one of the craziest things I've ever been in! He said that what they are doing now is revolutionary to missionary work and that our mission along with a couple of others are the ones to start it. They hope to eventually get ipads to all 88,000 missionaries and then they will keep them and continue to do missionary work once they have left the mission field through their ipads. One of the things that I loved that president samulien said is that "the Lord isn't waiting for so many earthquakes or so many wars or disasters to happen before the second coming, that he is waiting for the missionaries and the mission work to be completed." and now as you can see in the past couple of years the age has changed, the number of missionaries has doubled, and now they are going to take over the internet! haha the work is going from being hastened, to hurdling down a cliff. We've been told repeatedly as missionaries that we have to get ready for what is coming, because we will be the ones raising our kids through the second coming and we will have to help lead it. I had so much more I wanted to talk about but I don't have time. but I bear you my testimony that the Lord is hastening his work faster than we can imagine, and the time for him to come is not far off. The Lord is preparing the world for His coming.
I love you all!  
Love, Elder Romney (:

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