Tuesday, March 3, 2015

march 2, 2015 letter

Dear Family:
So, basically my whole entire letter is going to be about my experience on Friday. It was easily one of the craziest and most fun days I've had on my mission, from wanting to punch a hole in something, to being so happy and hugging O in the baptismal font.

All this week we just had been planning on how we were going to get O baptized and if he was going to be able to, or if he was really ready and what not, so that was a pretty crazy process that we had going on with him. On Friday morning around 11 we were in the clerks office working on the papers for O when one of the other Elders called us and said, "are you Elders still at the church?"  We told them that we were and he said... "I need you Elders to do me a huge favor! We have this investigator that wanted to play basketball at the church, and we thought she had canceled on us so we made other plans and we are in a lesson right now, so will you be able to play with her and whoever comes with her?" I told him that we would and waited for her to come. when she arrived she came with her other friend and her mom. Soon after her mom left and we were just shooting some hoops! After about a minute and a half I realized, oh crap, we can't be in here doing this, we are in a room alone with 2 other 14 year old girls and that would look so bad!! so I immediately called Sister Villalobos, because I knew she would have my back and I asked her to drop everything and come to the church right away and she came to save us! She was super awesome and was here within 2 minutes. She saved my life! haha Definitely don't want to be hanging out with some 14 year old girls! 

 We hadn't eaten anything all day because we had been running around so much.  Later that night, about an hour before the baptism, we heard that A was having pizza at her house, so we decided to run as fast as we could and get a couple of slices of pizza and bring them back. We run out to our car and we go speeding off. I am coming up to a light near French prerry middle school and see the left turn light turn yellow, and so with the dad coming out of me and not wanting to be late, I sped up to the light and got it just as it was turning red.  well.. the cop in the other lane didn't think it was too sly and flipped on his lights. haha I was thinking crap... the last thing I want to do before this baptism is deal with the cops.  I wasn't even going to fight it and was just more ticked than anything for him slowing us down. He came up to the car and asked for my license and registration and he looked at my license and said, "Well it may be okay to run red lights in Utah, but here in Oregon, its not" haha so I was like... I'm screwed. He looked at my name and said, "Romney? are you related to Mitt Romney?" I was just hoping and praying he loved Mitt Romney and just said "yes, he's my dads cousin". Immediately after he said, "okay i'm going to my car." I looked at elder Carbajal and said, "Welp, get ready for a ticket, because he obviously wasn't a fan off mitt!" haha We waited about 2 minutes and came back and said, "Here's your warning for the night, drive safely". so good old Mitt saved me from a ticket (: well and obviously my Savior too!  haha

The baptism was super cool because I was able to dress in white and help baptize O.  He was a little bit heftier, so we thought it would be smart to have an extra person in the font.  We said the prayer and It was so awesome to be able to enter the font and help baptize O. I couldn't have been happier after and just gave him a huge hug! However,I didn't anticipate needing a change of garments or shirt... haha Luckily Hermano Pacheco brought me a shirt and I just had to go commando for the rest of the meeting (or in other words without any underwear or anything!) which actually helped me build my testimony of garments and I never want to be without them again because I felt so gross! or maybe it was just because I didn't have any underwear.. haha either way I am always going to wear them and have an extra pair with me!   Then on Saturday we had a huge awesome quincenera for a girl in our ward, so that was fun!  

I love you so much!! 
Love, Elder Romney (:

Before the baptism, with all the people who taught O

After O's baptism

All of the missionaries
Eating after the baptism

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