Tuesday, March 31, 2015

march 30, 2015 letter

Dear family,
I am super excited for these upcoming few weeks. This week is going to be so awesome. We are all guessing that in this conference or in the ones to come will be some huge announcements because of the huge push to listen to the prophet and how the current prophet takes precedence over what has been said before. In this last April's Liahona there is an article that talked about the prophet and that how the prophet's revelations always supersede the prophet before him. The way they explained that is that Adam didn't receive revelation on how to build Noah's ark. So we are really expecting some kind of big change within these next few general conferences. I also do expect a huge push on the internet and that a lot of talks will be based on pushing the gospel out onto the internet, so i will be excited to hear those. I've really never been so excited to listen to the prophets and apostles speak! 

Also in the next couple weeks we will be able to go to the temple and I cant wait for that. I wish I could just live there all day everyday. and when I get home, I want to try and go once or twice a week if possible and keep it that way for the rest of my life! And Mother's Day is coming up soon, crazy huh? I'll be able to call back home in almost a month, and by that time I will have been out just about a year. Time is flying out here, but I love it and I couldn't be happier. Looking back, my life in the past just seems kind of like a blur, and i hope that I can come home as someone changed and someone who is more humble and willing to look to the Lord in all things

We had an awesome lesson the other day a man. The brother that is going to baptize him is his boss and is in the English ward. He went to the McAllen Texas Spanish speaking mission, so he can help us teach. We taught this man about tithing and fasting and he agreed with it and promised to follow it. They are really so willing to follow whatever the Lord asks them to do. And at the lesson, we got him to officially ask the brother/boss if he would baptize him and his wife. Ahh it was so awesome! (: And then we were able to teach them about the Sabbath day and word of wisdom and they wholeheartedly committed to following it always. The other day it was fast Sunday and he fasted for the first time in his life. When the sacrament was passed, he asked if he could take that or if it would break his fast. Haha he really is the best. I would love for you all to meet him someday. He is so sweet and kind of shy and just wants to be a part of this gospel. His brother just moved from mexico to molala, which is sadly out of the mission, but we are hoping to get his brother to his baptism! Then he would see that all of his family here are members and hopefully he will want to be baptized as well!! 

This was a super awesome week of being able to give a bunch of blessings and randomly knocking on a potential investigators house and her telling us that she had surgery on her back and then giving her a blessing right there. And then being able to teach at church in gospel principles class about the priesthood. I really am so thankful for the priesthood and the blessings that it brings. I also shared that I am so thankful that I always had a worthy father who held the priesthood and was able to give me blessings of comfort, peace, protection, and health whenever I asked him and whenever I was in need of one. I am so thankful for him giving me that example of how a dad should be, and I am always trying to be as selfless as he was with me, like giving me everything he had, even the last bites of his favorite foods, and his shoulder (from helping me with sports) and all the time in the world. I can't thank my parents enough for that. I can't wait for this week and the following weeks to come!! 
Happy Easter!!!! 
Love, Elder Romney (:

Our zone went to the huge tulip festival they have here in Oregon
The tulip tractor
All of the zone on the tractor at the tulip festival
At the tulip festival

Elder Anzures and me....This picture is like the one we took at Silver Falls, remember?

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