Wednesday, April 8, 2015

april 7, 2015 letter

To the Family
So this is a pretty exciting week this week because we were able to get the ipads. Just in the few days that they have trained us on it, I can really see how much the hand of the Lord has been in this to hasten His work. It will bring a new light into missionary work. They made it very clear to us that the ipads were only just another tool in our tool shed, Just like preach my gospel and the scriptures and the white handbook and cellphones and cars are. They are all just tools. We wouldn't use a saw to try and hammer in a nail, as well with with the tools in our mission, They all have a purpose. We have to be able to learn which one to use and how to use it, or we will be sitting there frustrated trying to screw in a screw with sand paper. I am so greatful that i was sent to this mission just for this reason. the ipads. And no, not because i needed or wanted technology or because I think it would be more fun, but because of the amazing benifits that it will have for me and my family after my mission. A lot of the things that we learn on our mission are just so we can be better parents and have a more succesful family. Getting these ipads and recieving training on them will be able to help me when i get home. no longer, like this generation is so accustomed to, will technology be used as an outlet for anger, for boredom, or just to get out of the world. Too many families are distroyed by technology because they dont know how to use it right, they can't communicate anymore, or are too distacted by it.  I am glad that I am recieving this training so that I can apply it into my life when I get home and at some future point, I'll be able to teach my children how to correctly use technology to better their lives. I now know that is one of the reasons I was sent to this mission, to overcome technology. I love what the church is doing. Instead of hiding from the descructive power of the internet, they're saying "Bring it on." We aren't running from the enemy, we aren't running from pornography, and we aren't running from anti-mormon posts; we are taking it head on.

Easter was so super good! We watched the first session at a house in Spanish, and the best way that I could explain watching conference in spanish was like reading a textbook. You read it and you understand the point of it and understand most all of the words, but it just doesnt penetrate into your heart like you want it to. But it was a good experience none the less, I just would prefer to actually here their voices. The second session we watched with at another home and that was a good experience. Priesthood session we just watched at the church with the other elders and then the final two session we watched at the Branch Presidents house which was really nice.  We invited some investigators over to a member's house to help them get new friends in the ward and it ended up being super super successful! They ended up staying at their house for 12 hours, watching conference and eating and talking. They are doing awesome and are really so ready and prepared for this gospel. Tonight we are going over the baptism questions with them and then tomorrow they are having the interview and then thursday we have a lesson to cover a couple more things like temples and stuff, but that should be an easy transition. We are so so excited for their baptism this sunday, please keep them all in your prayers that they will be able to stay strong and perseverar hasta el fin! 

It was a pretty tough week at the beginning because a lot of lessons that we had planned had ended up fallng through, but it ended on a high note with conference and the upcoming baptism this next week (: 
Love, Elder Romney.

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