Monday, February 16, 2015

february 16, 2015 letter

So this week was pretty fun! finally for the first time in like a month and a half it stopped raining and it is so gorgeous outside!! ahh i love it. But its kind of sad because with this kind of weather, it feels like i should be putting on my glove and getting ready for a baseball game, but i still am in love with the weather none the less(: 

The other day we were driving down the road past the graveyard, and I saw these three guys working on the graveyard and I got the prompting to go and talk to them, We went and parked the car and in the pouring rain got out and went and talked to these guys who then went inside the building. They told us that we could come in and we talked to them for a little while. Two of them are getting ready to become  priests and were doing service work, and the other is the owner of the graveyard. We told them that we would come back another day and help them do service. so we went back this last Tuesday and it was way cool to be able to do service at the graveyard. Our job was to scrape all of the moss off of the pillars because here in Oregon the moss grows on literally everything! We found it to actually be a super good proselytizing tool because we were on Front St. where there is the biggest population of Hispanics and so we were able to talk to all of them that passed by. Then there was one that passed by and we said hi to him and asked him if we could give him a pamphlet and he just started to bawl. We asked him what was wrong and he ushered us slowly over to where his friend had just been buried and then he was telling us about how his 18 year old son had just died in Tijuana Mexico and how he was going through such a hard time. It was so amazing to tell him that this life wasn't the end and that there is so much that is after this life and he just kept bawling, so we gave him a hug, prayed with him and told him we would come and see him soon. We are super excited to be able to go and meet up with him soon!

The other day, one of the members said that they were sick and called us to get a blessing. When we went over there, I began to explain to him how  a blessing worked since his is a recent convert, and this was his first time getting a blessing. I began to explain and was trying to say that we are just going to put a little drop on your head first. well... what i really said was "solamente voy a poner un gatito sobre su cabeza" which comes out to mean "we are just going to put a little cat on your head" hahaha the word cat is gato, and the word drop is gota... haha so that was a huge difference. I'm pretty sure that for a second there he thought we were going to do some kind of crazy voodoo witchcraft thing (; haha So that was a good little laugh(: 

For Valentines Day we were able to make a bunch of different cookies and go and give them to all of the members and it was so fun to serve them and see their smiles over such a small little thing (: And we taught another family and put them on date for the 1st of march, so we are super super excited for them!!!(: 

We also went to Silver Falls again this morning and I'll attach some more photos of that(: 

I love you all! (: Love, Elder Romney (:


This is how we do studies when it is nice outside! Sitting on the edge was a little trippy!
What i wake up to every morning out my window right next to my bed (:

Going to Silver Falls!
This is probably my favorite elder in the mission. His name is Elder Ansuras and he is from California. We just hung out the whole time!

A selfie with our entire zone for zone p day (:
A selfie with our entire zone for zone p day (:

In a cave behind the waterfall(:

More pics of the waterall!

This pic reminds me of when Brian would get thrown up in the air!
The beautiful waterfall (:

Our whole zone.

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