Monday, December 1, 2014

december 1, 2014 letter

Well this week was pretty fun because I was able to give a talk in sacrament meeting! it was pretty funny, just about 5 minutes before the sacrament meeting, our president came up to me and was like, well looks like you have to give a talk and you have to pass the sacrament. haha so I literally had no time to prepare anything for my talk at all, and i was the first speaker. so i was a little nervous to get up there, especially in front of everyone where they would be able to criticize my Spanish! but it was so nice, because once I got up there right after the sacrament was over, i just felt like an overwhelming peace and like i knew exactly what i was going to say and do. i opened up into 1 nephi where it talks about when lehi partakes of the fruit and how he wants to share it with his family. and i explained that that is exactly why i was here, and in fact why they were there too. its because they had tasted the fruit of the lord and now they just need to go out there and share it with others, such as there family. i then opened up to doctrine and covenents 15 or 14... don't remember, but it talks about how the most important thing that we can do in this life is to share the gospel with others. more than work or school or anything like that, it was to share the gospel and let the world know from what church they belong. i loved being able to give the talk because i could feel the spirit working through me and giving me the gift of tongues. i can speak pretty well in spanish, but it felt so much smoother this time and like i was speaking in a native tongue! 

We were looking through our closet the other day and found a bunch of old progress records sitting on the shelf and we decided to pick it up and start looking at them. it turns out that there were some people who had some dates and that they were never baptized, so we decided to go and look up those addresses. we went and tried to find this house, but literally for the life of us, we couldnt find it. it was like it was gone. so there was one house that was the closest to it but it didn't have a number, so we just decided to knock on it anyway to try and find out who lived there and if it was them! we knock on the door and we were like, so is this the lopez family? and they were like uh.... no, but come in! turns out after talking to the guy for a little while that he had grown up around mormons and that he loved the religion a lot! so we are going to be able to start talking to him and he is soo ready for baptism! ahh I'm so excited for him!

oh and today when we went to choir practice sister samulien was like, okay now who is going to sing a solo, and elder perryman started pointing at me and was like he is! he is going to do it! hahaha i was like there is no way that i am going to sing in front of 300 people alone... haha they kept trying to get me to sing, but i kept telling them that i wadn't going to. so needless to say, i chickened out pretty bad on that one. but after the thing two of the hermanas were like, so  can you actually sing or was elder perryman just making fun of you? and i was like no, i definitely can not sing. but they made me sing like 1 verse of the song and long story short sister samulien found out about it and she made me join and octet! haha so now i still am singing in front of everyone, i just dont have to do it alone (: haha i was never good at singing back at home, but maybe i just hit puberty or something and my voice came in enough to hit a few notes (;

sorry this letter is so short, i really have hardly any time because we had so much to do!
but i love you so much!!!! love Elder Romney (:

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