Tuesday, December 23, 2014

december 23, 2014 letter

Sorry this letter is going to be a little short, because we dont have a bunch of time and because i will be able to see you on thrusday which will be ten times better!!! This week was literally just full of singing. haha We have something called our Christmas Concert where all of the missionaries get together and they sing for members and investigators in the chapel on one day. I was on the traveling  choir so I got to go to the other zone conference in Lebenon which was super fun! All of the people in the traveling choir packed into a huge white van and drove the hour or so to get there. Since it wasnt our conference we didnt have to stay there when president started talking for the conference, so we were able to go out to people and carole to them and invite them to go to the concert. I was with 3 other male missionaries that spoke spanish, so we took our little spanish hymn books and knocked door to door and sang to them. It's funny because normally when you knock a door they are just rude to you and shut the door on you, but we wouldnt give them the opportunity to say anything to us and just sing to them instead. They actually were really appreciative of it and loved it and we didnt get any doors slapped in our face the whole time (: and then later that day we were able to sing to all of the members and investigators that came. It was a huge event with probably around 500 or so people at it! And then a couple days later on Sunday, Elder Perryman and I and Pres. Pister and his son sang a song in church which turned out to be really fun(: We sang the first noel and they designated me to sing the high tenor part in the chorus and I was like pooping my pants I was so scared to try and hit that high note, but luckily when it came to game time it worked out just fine(: And then just yesterday we had to go up to Forest Grove, which is an hour away and is a crazy drive up there and we had to drive ourselves. I've literally never seen roads like this. They're all up and down and left and right so half the time you're having to slam on your breaks because you don't even know what is ahead of you! We drove up there and we did another conference up there and it was super fun(: We had to do some skits as zones and my zone did one where we did renditions of songs but put to words that missionaries would say it, like contacting  situations on the streets, It was pretty funny. Elder Perryman and I had to do a newsies songs and then sing a pitbull song while we danced.. that was probably one of the most embarrassing things... haha but it was way fun and then a guy in our zone rapped at the end and we all jumped out and through a bunch of candy canes at everyone while some girl in our zone who can break dance did this awesome handstand pose thing at the end! Anyway, much of this week has been crazy driving everywhere! I had to drive home from the conference and that was pretty nerve racking because the fog gets so thick out there you can only see a couple feet ahead of you and we were going on crazy windy roads, so we made sure and said a prayer and everything turned out fine and we got home safe (:

The other day right after church one of the sisters investigators came up to Elder Perryman and was like, umm.. can i talk to you guys for a little bit and we were like sure! and then he started asking us some pretty deep doctorine about like kolob and how mary got pregnant and stuff like that and so we pretty much answered as best as we could but told him that he wouldnt be able to have a testimony about any of it without praying. so we ended up talking to him and he told us he didnt like the church and this and that, so we took him over and sat him down and was like, is there something else that is going on right now? and long story short, we spent 3 hours in the chapel talking about his past and how he has resentment for churches because of his experience in the catholic church as a baby and seeing exorcisms and things like that and how he hadnt eaten or slept in 3 days. it was crazy to hear all of the things that were on his shoulders and just give him an opportunity to vent and let the spirit take over in his life and replace the bad with the good. He is such an amazing guy and i love him to death. I cant wait to see what the future holds for him.

Now everyday we get the chance to go and help a lady in our ward at 2:30. She is a tiny old little lady and her son got in a car accident when he was 20 a few years back and split his head open and had to have brain surgery and is now a complete vegetable and isnt able to do things on his own, so she has been taking care of him night and day since the accident, and just moved to a new house and the way the room is set up she isnt able to work the device to pick up her son and put him in the wheel chair. So she called us last week and asked if we could help and we told her that we would love to. It must be so so hard for him because he can understand everything that is going on and can communicate with blinks and grunts and stuff. It just makes me feel so bad for him because he is trapped in his body and there is nothing to do. Its just like he is paralyzed. But interestingly enough the doctor said that there is a possibility that he could walk again and that it would just take time. I've never seen such a little lady with so much faith. She always tells us, i know he is going to be healed, i know he is going to be healed. I hope and pray that the lord will one day heal him, but i know that He has a plan and its perfect whatever it may be. And she has an amazing testimony as do we, of the after life and that his body will be completely perfect and restored (:

I can't wait to hear from you on thursday!!! I love you all,and make sure you've got some good stories and your spanish A game on (;

 love you, love, 
Elder Romney (:

A carful of travelling missionary singers
At the Christmas conference
Spencer and Elder Perryman doing their skit at the conference

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