Wednesday, December 31, 2014

december 29, 2014 letter

Dear Family:
This week was super awesome. It was really one of the most busiest times that i have had on my mission. It just seems like i was running around like crazy all week. And holy cow it was crazy to finish my first 6 months. Before you know it I'll be home and be playing ball. Wow thats pretty scary. I definitely don't want to come back to the real world yet and i dont want to play football yet because i would get smashed with how weak i am right now! But i know that the Lord will bless me for being out here and doing his work!

It was such a cool experience to be away from home during the christmas holiday. Yeah i missed everyone back at home, but it was so nice to be out here and be focused on the Lord. One way that elder perryman and i always think of it is a Father and sons outing for two years. We are just out here with our heavenly father for two years having so much fun helping bring back his children(:

Really one of the most amazing things happened this week. There is a recent convert family that we have been helping out for a long time. I have been working with them since the day i got here. At first they seemed to be against some things and not really wanting to do some things and the dad didnt want the priesthood because he cant read and didnt feel worthy of it. So they had to postpone the baptism of their son for a while. It was so heart breaking. But just a little while ago they had this huge change of heart and we were able to give him the priesthood and its like they made a 180. Now hes getting ready to baptize his son and he is going to everything and is even memorizing the prayer to bless the sacrament! It was one of the craziest things I've seen. It's like hes a new person now(:   On the 24th it is a huge hispanic holiday so we went around all day just eating food with people and talking with them and the last person we had on our list was this family. We get there with all the other missionaries and president pister and his family, and when we got there, there was absolutely no one there and they were just cooking food. I could tell that the mom had been crying for a while and the family just seemed super sad. We didn't say anything but just went and tried to liven up the party and help them feel loved and that they had friends(: it was super weird because we were expecting to see so many people there because they have such a huge extended family. But come to find out just yesterday that none of their family decided to come because they had to decided to be join the church and be LDS. Their family is super rooted in their catholic beliefs and it just seems to be hard for the both of them. But it was so cool to see the mom and dad stand up for what they believe. They are some of the nicest people in the world and i love them to death. It's amazing to see how truly converted they have become (:

Also this week we went to go see another family. They are about a 30 minute drive away so we are only able to see them once a week. They come from some serious poverty and it just breaks my heart to see them. The mom just loves her kids to death and is taking care of them by herself and her kids don't ever treat her well. She literally works day and night with almost no sleep to help her kids. The member that we are taking with us is the same way and just loves her kids and works all by herself 24/7 to put food on the table. But the family is really coming around and they are showing some true desire to be baptized, her only problem is that she just thinks any church is good, It'll just take a little time to let her connect the dots that we have laid out for her. We are excited for them and the son who is 16 said he wants to come out and play basketball with us on Wednesday with all the youth, so we talked to all them and we are going to have a huge lesson with all of them on Wednesday so that will be super good(:

Well nothing too crazy happened this week, just a lot of parties and a lot of talking to people!! i love you all and miss you so much!

Love, Elder Romney (:

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