Tuesday, October 28, 2014

october 27, 2014 letter

sorry that you haven't got any pictures for a while, its because my camera broke, and I don't know how to fix it, so hopefully I can get that up and running here pretty soon! but I am getting a new companion tomorrow and his name is elder lafrance, and he is from Canada, maybe French Canadian? who knows... but I am excited to meet him. hes 5 5, and is a two time black belt, so maybe he can teach me how to kick some guys trash while im with him(:
so this last Monday we went to the mall and just out front of the doors, there is a group of people whose names are the gospel guys. we walked past and the guy came up to me and started talking to me about things. the guy was about 6 foot 6 and had the ability to talk like a car salesman. so he knew how to talk to people. so he came up to me and started talking about my life and all these different things and then he brought in the gospel, and started telling us why we were wrong and why we shouldn't believe in this or this, and how we are wrong and how Christ is god and everything. he had a companion too but it was pretty much just me and him going back and forth, and every question that he had and every rebuke that he threw at me, I was able to answer it back at him and tell him how he interpreted in wrong with other scripture. we went on for about half an hour until I finally just told him that we had to leave. its really crazy how much my knowledge of the facts has grown out here on my mission, both spiritually and factually. before I had left, I would have had absolutely no Idea what the guy was talking about, but with diligent studying and with the lords help, I have been able to grow so much in the gospel! one of my favorite books right now is Jesus the Christ. it is literally one of the best books and gives you an insite into the bible that you would never be able to get, I love it! and I love how much this mission is changing me already(:
i may not be in nearly the shape i was when i was playing football, but i still have some of my speed left (; the other day one of our investigators is the fastest girl in the state and kills everybody when she is racing them, so we decided that we were going to race before i left! so we showed up to here house one night to raise. she had some nice nikies on and i had my  bare feet... hahaha it hurt really bad to run in the road by the way without shoes) but it was still fun(: but i ended up winning! haha i may not be in shape anymore, but i've still got some wheels (; haha hopefully my new campanion and i can get in shape together!!!
I also went on splits with an English elder this week which was an interesting experience! haha it was different because now I had to say everything! so we went to a house and this guy comes out and starts ripping on us in Spanish for about 20 minutes about how church should be on Saturday, because in Spanish, Saturday is sabado, which is also sabbath, so its even harder to convince them that the resurrection changed the day of worship, anyway he was just going on and on about this and that, and I really tried my hardest to answer every question and explain things to him, but I just couldn't say everything that I wanted! that's probably the most frustrating thing on the mission right now, because I can understand people when they talk to me, but I cant always say exactly what I want to, so its like I just have to take a beating all the time! but the language is going to come more and more with time, so I am excited to be able to express myself fully here in a little while!
yesterday, we decided to do something different and just go to every house on a street and try to give them a book of Mormon. haha I almost felt like a salesman, but it was fun! it was pouring rain and we were soaked and so were our books, but we just tredded on going from house to house(: when we got to one house, there was a little dog that run up and bit elder Solano on the leg, haha I felt so bad fro him but luckily it didn't break any skin(:
Fall is so so pretty here and the leaves are starting to change and fall off the trees. and there are literally trees everywhere here! the other day we were driving and a big wind storm came in and was blowing all the leaves off the trees, so there were these red and orange leaves just flying and falling every where, it was like it was snowing leaves for a little bit(:
but things are going well and we are still trying to help our families take the big step of baptism!! love you guys!!!

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