Tuesday, October 14, 2014

october 13, 2014 letter

So this week was super good because we were able to go to the temple, which is like one of my favorite places ever!! it was so spiritual and I loved it so much! we were able to do a session and were in the celestial room almost till they kicked us out, because we just wanted to stay there the whole time. but the temple here is gorgeous and I cant wait to go back there again. we are hoping to take one of our families there soon, so I'm excited for that as well(:

We are teaching this family, and they are a bunch of sisters who all live right next to each other and they all have kids and then their grandparents live right next to them, so they all, about 15 of them are always outside of the grandparents house playing basketball or what not and so we go there and we teach them all the time. The other day we went there and none of the parents were there so we were just outside shooting some hoops and talking to them for a while, while it was getting dark. I told them to all go grab their books of Mormon so they did and we sat on our car and on their grandpas car and turned on the headlights and read a chapter from the book of Mormon! haha they are the best family in the world, and every time we go over the little kids are like, when are we going to read from the book?? haha its the best. One of my favorite little kids always runs up to me and gives me a hug and tells we about what he read in the book of Mormon that last time, hes really such an amazing kid and if we can get them baptized he would end up being one of the best missionaries ever! But it was so cool to see all of the excitement of the little kids, they are from ages 8 to 13, and they always just gather around and go silent when we start reading. It may have been an odd situation to be out there in the freezing cold reading off of the headlights of our cars, but it was one of the most spiritual moments, and I want nothing more than to see them dressed in white. I really do love those kids.  Its crazy how much you grow to love the people that you teach, I just met some of these families a couple of weeks ago, and I already love them with all of my heart. It's crazy how much I care about them, and I can only imagine how much our Heavenly Father loves us.

But my Spanish really is getting better every day and I am trying so hard! its tough especially because everyone else here had at least taken some years of Spanish in college or high school and already knew how to do stuff in Spanish, but I came out knowing hola... haha the gift of tongues is definitely real! I finally feel comfortable with my Spanish and I can talk In preterit, progressive, gerund, future, present, all those things! I just have to make sure that when I get home my Spanish is better than Daniels (; haha that's my goal(:

But nothing really too exciting or different happened this week other than we are still getting lots of people to church which is so good!!
 Love you guys!
 Love elder Romney(:

I bought some pictures at the store and then i hung up  some of the family pictures(: i'd like to think i'm kind of an artist(:

These are a couple of those kids that I was telling you about that we are teaching. at the end of the lesson I gave them all some of the candy that aunt shirley gave me! haha ps, my ears are almost overflowing with candy, and i'm getting fat, so I don't need anymore for now (;

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