Tuesday, October 21, 2014

october 20, 2014 letter

Hey guys! another awesome week in the mission! its pretty sad right now, because elder Solano is leaving in a week, and him and I have gotten really close! I gave him mom and dads number, so hopefully he will call you guys sometime when he isn't too busy at home! oh and he wants to run by and see the family sometime because in January he will be in Utah going too lds business college! so he won't be too far away! and I told him that my mom and sisters would make sure he was fed really well (; but I am excited for him and I am excited to see who my new companion will be!!
The other night for dinner, we ended up having dinner at a members house with all of the sister missionaries too, so there were six of us sitting around the dinner table eating fried fish and tortillas! they had this salsa that was yellow, and the member was like, be careful with this salsa, it is really hot! haha but me and Solano don't really care, so we just piled it on our plate and started eating! haha it was pretty spicy, but wasn't too bad! we asked what kind of chili it was and she pulled it out and showed it to us. it was this tiny chilli so elder Solano and I dared each other to eat it! haha lets just say that was one of the spiciest things I have ever eaten. I was literally sweating and tears were running down my face, not because I wanted too, but because they made our eyes water so  bad! I could feel the spice running from my mouth to my throat and in to my chest and stomach! haha it was a good experience, and now we are going to go eat a habanero this week(: the one we ate is the third spiciest in the world just behind the habanero!
so funny story, this week we went tracting for a couple of hours. it was my turn to go up to the door and do our little spiel. so I walked up there to knock the door. a good way to get people talking is if you talk about some thing else other than just religion at first, like their lawn, or their pictures in the house, or their car, so they get comfortable to you and they aren't just abruptly intruded by 2 young men. so I walked up to the door, and all of the Spanish words are running through my head and I was so ready for a Spanish guy to step out and say hi to me, but this teenage kid opened the door and was like, what do you want?? haha my mind went completely blank, because the whole time I was thinking in Spanish and I couldn't think in English! it was so bad!! haha so I liked paused for a second and saw that they were selling a desk outside, so i was like, hey, I've been looking for a desk for forever, and i wanted to know how much this one cost? hahahaha the guy was like, Oh!! let me go ask my mom! long story short, i almost bought a desk that i didn't want... haha i just had to keep playing the story and slide the gospel very sneakly into the conversation! haha well it worked, and instead of getting a desk, i got an investigator (:
speaking of investigators, we have so many!!! its ridiculous! i was counting the other day and we have close to about 30. and about 15 or so that are super super solid. we just have to help them take that big step of baptism! its super hard to see because we know that they know its the truth, and they want the truth, they just sometimes don't want to make that big change in there life! we are hoping to put a lot of them on date here pretty soon, we just need lots of prayers to help them have the faith and courage to take that big step! Things are going well out here and i cant wait to see our investigators dressed in white, it just makes me smile to think about it(:
I love you guys! know I'm always praying for you!! 
Love Elder Romney (:

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