Tuesday, October 7, 2014

october 6, 2014 letter

Well its finally another week, but the new thing about this week is that I'm super old now! i'm practically an old grandpa that can barely move! haha but that's really how I feel sometimes... but this week has been super good and exciting!!

So this week I went on some exchanges with a greenie who has only been out for 2 weeks. haha so it was me and him out together, me driving the car, and we were out in Salem tracting the whole day while our companions were at MLC. but this was probably one of the funnest days! we somehow ended up at a huge field with all these huge torn down houses and buildings and stuff and we ended up finding a guy to talk to! he was the manager of the place and turns out to be a Mormon! haha but while we were talking to him we found out that this place used to be an insane asylum and that it is in the book of world records as one of the most haunted places in the world! haha of course I asked to go inside, but he quickly said that he would never go in there! haha at least I gave it a try (: 

and then later we tracted into a gangster. no like a literal gangster. haha. he opened the door and I could have sworn that he said hola, and so I gave my little spiel in Spanish, and he stepped out of the door and was like who the crap do you think I am? Hispanic? (with some much not nicer words) haha but then I was like, no sorry, I thought you said hola, and then he went on and on about how cool it was that I could speak Spanish and how he wishes he could have spoken Spanish back in cali so he could have gotten more girls... haha it was quite the experience and he let us come in his house and teach him a bit and he told us all about his life! thought I was going to get stabbed the whole time, but he ended up being super nice to us because we taught about jesus(: and then later that day I got pulled over... hahahaha but its okay, it was just because the back lights were acting funny and weren't working! but the cop was super nice to me and admired that we were our serving missions and let us go(:

so probably one of the funniest days was when we got up at 10 to go to an appointment and then at the end of the appointment we got locked out of our car... so now we have to treck all the way to never never land where the hermanas live and pick up there car and drive it to new berg to get a new key. well on the way, we decided to take a short cut though the field which ended up being the worst Idea ever. we were stuck in grass chest high and it was soking wet from the dew. and then we had to jump a river to get there.  I was able to make the jump, but it was sad for elder Solano because he just missed it and slipped in the river! haha it was the funniest thing ever(:

my birthday was super good and I got to spend it with the rios and they all bought me some presents(: the oldest girl went to a byu game this last Saturday and came back and brought me a jersey that she got!! it was super nice! I love the family to death and we cant wait to get them baptized(:

but I love you guys and keep working hard back at home!! 
Love Elder Romney(:

In front of one of the haunted houses(: Not the main one, but it's still one of them!

This is me just after I jumped over that river(: haha and no im not that fat... my shirt is just untucked(:

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