Tuesday, November 4, 2014

november 3, 2014 letter

Well, after being with Solano for so long, he is finally home!! haha but I couldn't be more hapy and excited to have my new companion! his name is elder Perryman and he is 6 foot 4 and is one of the nicest coolest kids you'll meet ever! He and I hit it off probably within the first hour we were together and we just started to teach a bunch of people! one of the things that he told me about that he did in his past district was something called SAM's it stands for (super awkward moment, super awesome moment, and super awesome miracle) so pretty much when you go tracting you just look for those oppurtunities! haha it was one of the most fun times tracting that I have ever had! We decided that we were going to talk to literally every person that we passed, so needless to say it took us literally 2 hours just to get 300 yards away from our house. It was such a cool and fun experience, and for the most part, people accepted us and let us teach them for a little bit! just a couple of examples of SAMs that we have had so far: This one time we saw a guy riding on his bike on the side of the road, so we literally pulled up next to him, drove his speed and taught him a lesson about the gospel through the window(: haha that was super awesome. And then there was one time where we saw 2 people walking away about a hundred yards away, so we immediately pulled the car over, parked it, and jumped out of the car and ran as fast as we could to catch up with them. obviously they were a little startled but thought it was hilarious that we chased them down and they listened to us! We ended up talking to them for an hour and teaching them a huge lesson about families being together forever! And another SAM was when we met these two girls out of no where and gave them our number and told them to call us when they had read a chapter out of the book of Mormon, and they texted us that night and now they are one of our new investigators! haha but SAMs are some of the funniest things in the world, and I have probably another 20 stories, I just don't have time to write them! oh and with all these lessons we are teaching, we tied the record for the most lessons taught in a week and we got 38 lessons taught in one week!

On the 29th, we had one of the best days ever! We were able to get a family on date and now we have 10 people on date for baptism(: Ahh it makes me so happy to see their lives change and how much the gospel is starting to mean to them(: Then that night right after our lesson with the family we went to the church super late just before we had to go home, to print some stuff of for the next day, and we ended up running into a member who was really struggling with things in his life and how he was addicted to some stuff and he didn't know what to do about it! We read him Jacob 5:66 which promised him that if he replaced the bad thoughts with good thoughts, eventually his roots, or himself would completely change! It was such a cool experience just to see that he was put in our path like that! (and that has happened with so so many SAMs its crazy!)  We decided after the lesson in the car to say a "thank you prayer" just to thank heavenly father for blessing us and that guy that night. and while he was praying I got the distinct impression that the day wasn't over and that there was still someone we had to see even though it was already past curfew. Right as we had finished praying, we both looked at each other and said at like the same time that there was still someone we had to see tonight. I was thinking about it and got the distinct impression to go to the gas station right next to our house and that there would be a female at the cash register and we had to talk to her and just tell her that god is listening to her. So we got to the gas station and open the door and walk up to the counter where there was a girl just like we had gotten in the impression and we just stood there for a couple of seconds. I finally looked at her and said, I don't know why we are here, but we got the feeling to come here and tell you that god loves you. At that moment, another guy walks into the store and I get the feeling that I need to go talk to him, so I leave elder Perryman to talk to the girl and I went and talked to this guy, so we are teaching two lessons at once. Turns out the girls starts bawling and thanking us for coming over to her, and the guy was a less active and hadn't been to church for a year! So we were able to help them and that was one of the coolest things ever(:

Elder Perryman and I have literally been working non stop. we are constantly either texting someone, or talking to someone, or something! We have gotten so busy that we don't take lunch and dinner anymore and we pretty much just fast so we can talk to people! I really do love elder Perryman so much and we are able to work really well together as a team and we try to follow every impression that the spirit gives us! I've never worked at something so hard in my life as I have the past couple days, and I've worked pretty hard at football and weightlifting! It's so crazy! Some other highlights was that I got to go and translate at a doctors appointment and help set up the trunk or treating this week has been awesome and I cant wait to see what is in store for next week(:

I love you guys so much!!(:

Spencer and Elder Perryman, his new companion 

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