Tuesday, November 11, 2014

november 10, 2014 letter

Well i don't have a bunch of time to write today, but i will just tell you a couple of stories that i had this week(: there was this girl that was standing on the side of the road, so Elder Perryman and I decided to pull up to her and give her a card. we immediately started talking and she seemed super interested in what we had to say! At the end of the conversation, i said," pues gracias por su teimpo y tenga un buen dia!" and she looks at us and says, "no se precupen, son buenos"  haha so i said, thank you you too(: haha we drove away and elder perryman starts cracking me up, because son buenos translates to mean that you guys are sexy, but a little bit more inappropriate... haha so that was an interesting thing, and we are definitely going to hand her off to the Hermanas!!

Sad day  because we found out that we have bed bugs in our house... luckily they aren't in my  bed! elder Perryman woke up and found all of these marks all over his legs and found out that he had had bed bugs for the past little while and just never noticed! luckily we were able to get an exterminator out here and get that all figured out, hopefully none of that will happen again!

This week i played a ton of sports!! i ended up playing basketball two times and soccer three times! its all because we contact into people and they want to play us in sports, and it really helps us get investigators, so we always go out with them and play something with them! well in all of this time, turns out that i am really good at soccer! i hadn't played since i was five and i just picked it up on the mission again! maybe i missed my calling in life(; but it was really fun and we ended up playing soccer with six kids and got them to listen to out message and now we have a return appointment with them, and they are all really good potential investigators! i think the lord blessed me with athletic ability not to get a scholarship, but to guys to listen to us (; 

So we had another experience with a guy that wanted to come up and bash on us! we were contacting on the street and this short white guy comes running up to us, and we thought he was a bishop at first, but then he says to our investigators, i just wanted to make sure that you weren't listening to the mormons! haha at that point we stop talking to our investigators and start talking to him and ask him to please leave, and he wouldn't. so he started ripping into us saying we had "magic underwear" and there was no proof of the book of mormon, and nothing was true. by the end of the conversation, we had literally answered every question of his with a logical answer and he finally said, "well, you were able to answer all of my questions, and they make sense... but i have to go." haha the spirit of discernment is true and it is such a big gift!!

oh and i happened to talk elder Perryman into trading me a 400 dollar tie for two of mine, so it was a good week (;
but i love you guys so much and i am so excited for all of the baptisms that we have coming up soon!!

 love elder romney!!

Spencer braiding a tree

This is Spencer's mission family.  He and Elder Perryman were both trained by Elder Ashcraft (far right), who is now also training Elder Joly (far left)

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