Tuesday, November 18, 2014

november 17, 2014 letter

Wow its crazy to think how fast the time is going, pretty soon here i will be a fourth of the way through my mission and it feels like it just started. i am learning so many things out here and i am growing so fast spiritually and physically! i even have to shave every morning because it gets to long! haha i thought id just add that in, because it makes me feel pretty manly (; but i really am learning so fast and the great thing about getting a new companion is that you learn from them and the analogies that they use for people and the little things they do in there scriptures to mark them and stuff. just little stuff, but it is all really interesting and i love trying to take the best in my companion and incorporate it into myself and leave behind the things or bad habits that i don't want! i think if you saw me now, you probably wouldn't recognize me. you just get a new spirit to you that you didn't have before the mission!
speaking of growing and learning, one of the things that elder perryman and i have in common is that we are both really really interested in deep doctrine so every night we can stay up for hours just talking about the ins and outs of the book of mormon and bible and share the knowledge that we have.
so the other day we went knocking on a house in what we call "la encarseria" (not sure if that's how you spell it) but that means the prison in spanish! haha its like a little town of just 3rd world. its nuts. but for some reason i absolutly love it and want to go there all the time. so i made elder perryman go with me one night and go knock on some doors. not to say the least the people didn't look to friendly and neither did the chickens trying to peck at me, but it was fun! haha the whole time elder perryman had the phone in his hand with 911 dialed, and i thought that it was the funniest thing ever! but it was a fun experience and i cant wait to go back. we also went tracting right next to there and knocked on this house. a guy answered and because it was freezing cold he was like, hurry come in, i dont want it to be cold! so we went inside and there were 7 thirty year old hispanic men sitting at the table eating dinner. we ended up talking them and they thought it was super funny that two white guys in suits could speak spanish to them! so they let us sit down and talk to them for a while and through the course of our lesson literally 20 more guys walked in and out of the house... haha it was crazy! they were all from mexico and guatemala and were here just working on the fields and sending money home to there families. so we talked about families to them and they were so amazed by it and asked us to come back again! so we are hoping to get all of those guys baptized (lofty goal, but still possible) and we can turn our little branch into a ward (:
Yesterday night we knocked on a house of a person that we had accidentally ran into the other day and this time he let us come in and talk to him. come to find out he had 3 brain surgeries 2 heart surgeries and back surgery and is doing super good. he told us about a story that he had where god had helped him and he told us that he was positive that there was something out there that the lord needed him to do or else he wouldn't have survived that many times! we told him that he kept on surviving those surgeries to hear about our message and to help him help his family to accept it as well. the only set back is that he isn't in our area, so we have to hand him off to the sisters! but it'll be so good to see him baptized sometime soon (: 
This week was good, still a little frustrated that baptisms aren't following through like we plan, but we are just trying to help them realize the importance and that is all we can do! I love you guys and i cant wait to hear from you! Love, Elder Romney (:

By a burned house

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