Tuesday, September 2, 2014

september 2, 2014 letter

Well I must confess in this email that I am not doing very well with writing in my journal anymore because when we have to get home as the zone leaders we have to make a bunch of calls and see how things are going, and then by the time that is done and planning for the day is done, I am way too tired to write anything! so everything kind of just blurs together and I occasionally try to write things down so I can remember some good stories and things like that. 

But something that was really cool was that this week I was able to bless the sacrament In Spanish, and I was surprisingly not too nervous! I guess because i'm used to saying in in front of 250 people, and we only have 70 people in our branch! and then I was also able to give two blessings in less then 24 hours! one was to a sister who was sick and I gave that one to her in English and then the second one was to a Hispanic guy who asked me if I could give him a blessing for a continued desire to stay in the church and attend church and things like that! haha mind you I got the Melchizedek priesthood just a couple months ago, I've only given 2 blessing (in English) before and then this guy wanted me to give one to him in Spanish?? hahaha! its hard enough in English! we were on exchanges with elder gessel, so it was me him and elder ashcraft, and I looked at ashcraft and I was like, "I don't know how to do it, let alone do it in Spanish?" and he was like you've got this, and recited the words to me in Spanish of how I need to start it out.  I guess that's the miracle for the week is that the lord helped me give that blessing because I was able to give him a complete blessing in almost fluent Spanish! I didn't really remember what I said, but I know the Lord was guiding me to what I needed to say! 

oh and as a side not, I've been to a quincenera a carnival and a party... never thought I would have done any of those! but its been fun! While I've been out here I've found that people are very defensive about their religions and they will chew you out if you think otherwise... so that has happened to me quite a bit and it's not too fun!! but i'm growing and learning so much out here and I can't thank the Lord enough for that!! things are looking good and i'm super excited for the future!!

 Love you guys!! 
Love Elder Romney!!

my apartment! I don't know the exact address... but if you look at woodburn on google maps, you should find a walmart and then there should be a big field and then an apartment complex right next to that, and that is where I am!!

Us in the car!!  Haha

Chilling at an arcade while Elder Ashcraft gets his hair cut!  It's actually at a Walmart...

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