Tuesday, September 16, 2014

september 15, 2014 letter

Well this week has just pretty much been all about investigators! We have a huge pool of people now and all of them are pretty solid people that we are planning to baptize in the next couple months! But this week has been good! 

We saw a guy almost rob a Burger King but it was already closed so he never got to, haha, And then saw him later doing a drug trade. And we taught some really drunk people that are hilarious, 

We met a family that we call Ada Football. We call her that because the way we got talking to her was because we asked her where she was going, just street contacting, and she said that she was going with her son to football practice. So I told her that I wanted to come over and talk to her son about football sometime and she said that that would be great.  We went over about a week later and it turns out that she lives with her two sisters and they are all single moms and have like 3 kids per mom. so whenever we go over there we are teaching all of them. And then there are their friends, too, so its about 17 people there every time we teach! I've clicked with them really well and we are hoping to get them to church next week! 

We have also became really close to a family. She's single right now with 3 kids and is just the nicest person ever and it's crazy! We ended up helping her out by taking stuff to the dump for her and power washing her house, and we might start coaching her little girls soccer team... if the AP's let us... haha 

Things are going great here and I'm super excited. The work is picking up and we think we are going to have a ton of baptisms soon!
 Love you guys!
 Love, Elder Romney!

p.s.  I found out that Elder Ashcraft is getting transferred, and I am staying here with Elder Solano.

This was a huge fiesta that we had!  Haha, we have so many parties here!!

This is the one we are planning to baptize here soon!!

Next to a super old car!

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