Tuesday, September 23, 2014

september 22, 2014 letter

We got 10 people to church this week!! it was so cool! that is the second most that anyone has ever gotten on this mission and we are hoping to break the record in the next couple of weeks with 17! they were two families and they are some of my favorite people ever!

So this week we met this girl, and funny side note, she is actually here in the library with me right now..., haha but she is a super sweet 17 year old girl who just has so many questions and couldn't wrap her brain around the fact that there were other poepl in the Americas who knew Christ. i literally had to do hand gestures for her to kind of understand that what was going on. haha it was the funniest thing ever and she just kept asking such random questions about like noah and abraham and moses and stuff that were completely irrelevant. she was a tough cookie to get through to her, so after an hour and a half of trying to explain to her what the book of Mormon was, we finally just decided to reschedule an appointment! haha but shell get the hang of it!

oh and one of our goals to do before elder Solano leaves is to go to a high school football game. and in order for us to do that, we have to have a reason to go, an "investigator". haha so we've been on a mad hunt tracting for a high school football player who will listen to our message and we finally found one! I'm not sure how much he plays, but we will come cheer him on for the sideline (; haha

The work is going great out here and i cant wait to get all of these people baptized!!
Love you guys!

This guy used to play professional soccer in mexico and he is our second counselor. he is probably one of my favorite people ever and we became really good friends from the first day. he is probably my favorite person in the ward and is super nice and humble!

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