Tuesday, September 9, 2014

september 8, 2014 letter

So this week has been pretty good! we finally got R on date and we are going to baptize him a day after my birthday!! Here is a little entry from my journal about the experience.

"So today I was able to invite R to be baptized. It was so powerful. It's kind of funny because everything had fallen through and we couldn't teach him at the church, you couldn't feel the spirit in his house, and you have a 5 little girls that run around his house every day and night, and you definitely couldn't teach outside his house. So we asked him if we could just go for a walk and I was praying we'd find a place in this trailer park that we could feel the spirit! We finally found a place that was kind of set back in the trailer park and you could see a forest of trees in the distance. It was getting later and the sun was about to set and it was cold. We started out by singing a hymn in Spanish, Come Come Ye Saints, and that was able to help bring in the spirit. We talked to him about how much he's changed and how much of a light he will be for his family and friends, and ended up promising him a lot of other things like that, that people would flock to him just to partake of his light, that he would change other people's lives and that he would be the light in his family and be so happy. After saying all those things, reading a couple of scriptures, and talking, the sun had set and it was dark and I got the impression to invite him to be baptized. I looked at him and said "R, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper authority of God?" It was silent for a couple seconds and then he looked at me and said " Yes I will". It was one of the most spiritual moments ever and I loved every second of it. We set him on date for the 5th of Octoberand I'm so happy for him! The falling through of our plans ended up being a blessing and we had an awesome experience with him." 

Oh and p.s. that day we had been fasting for him and we fasted for 24 hours and so by the time dinner came around I was starving, you know how I am. We were all just trying to make it through the day and were so happy it was finally dinner time! but when I got to the persons house guess what they had to eat... only a SALAD literally only a salad and a piece of bread.... and I'm proud to say that I ate every bit of that salad (: haha so I ate my first salad too!! 

We are also teaching a Russian guy. There are colonies of Russian people here!! haha He is able to speak broken English and told us about how he escaped from China, and lived in a jungle in Brazil and made a Russian colony there! haha It was crazy! but I love talking to him! 

This week was good and I had so much fun, I haven't gotten the package yet, but I'm super excited! Love you Guys

Love, Elder Romney

Elder Solano pretending that he is hurt! haha the lady in the background is actually the lady that I told you about in my first letter where I knocked her door and she started chewing me out. luckily it wasn't real! they are some of my favorite people now, and I always sit next to them at church!

this is a mural for all the field workers! this place is like a little mexico because almost everything is in Spanish over here and there is a bigger Spanish population than white!

haha never seen a dog drinking fountain before in a park, but I saw it and had to try it out!!

this one looks like monty! a little bigger though! I was a little nervous at first, because the last time I held a python, it bit me!! haha but it was way fun!

this is the hedge hog! they are pretty spikey!!!

, there was a guy who had a million animals

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