Tuesday, August 26, 2014

august 25, 2014 letter

This weeks email isn't going to be  very long, because I forgot to take my stuff with me that I needed, so I don't remember what to write!! haha you might things that's kind of funny that I can't remember what happened in just a week, but the days literally start blending in together and you can't really remember much! The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days, it's crazy! 

But my companions and I are doing awesome, and i'm finally just starting to understand enough Spanish to hold a conversation with someone! This week was really good until yesterday when we had one of the hardest days so far. We were talking about it and we realized that the two kids we were planning on asking to be baptized this week aren't ready... but actually a funny/ sad story about that.  We were teaching the 16 year old boy and it was tough because we couldn't teach him in his house because you can't feel the spirit in there, so we decided to teach him out in the street which wasn't much better because there were little girls running around! At the end I felt the impression to ask him to be baptized, but we had already planned to ask him the next time in front of the font, and there were little girls running around, so I decided to shrug it off and just thought it was my thoughts wanting a baptism. When I got in the car, I told Elder Solano what happened and he said that he got the same impression... so that was bad on our part. i'm still trying to work on always following the impressions the first time that I get them, But its hard to determine the spirit and your thoughts at times, but i'll get there! We also spent a half our getting ripped into by some Catholics and we had to drop one of our investigators because they decided that we can't become gods and that he is just going to be saved by the grace of Christ. So sad for him, but I guess that's what happens when you have your own agency.

Oh and the other day, we were walking in the streets and we saw some kids playing basketball in the street and long story short I challenged there best player to one on one if he would listen to our message for 20 minutes. He agreed and luckily I ended up beating him! It was really fun to just run around and play ball with them! But now they are some of our investigators and we are going to teach them pretty often! It's been a good and a tough week, but I know things are going to pick up and the work is going to catch on fire! 
Love you guys, I know you guys are in the Lord's hands!
Love Elder Romney.

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