Tuesday, August 19, 2014

august 18, 2014 letter

Hey guys! I can't believe that I am emailing you already again! This week has gone by pretty fast! So I thought i'd start out by telling you a little bit about my companions! They are some super super awesome guys. 

Elder Ashcraft is the taller white one. he is from hurricane Utah and is the kind of guy that grew up with no tv or anything like that, didn't ever date anyone or tell anyone that he liked them, and ran cross country! hes kind of a more shy guy but hes one of the nicest people you'll meet. hes all about following directions and making sure that we do exactly what we need to which is a really good thing! He's an awesome guy and is willing to help me out with my Spanish whenever he can. and he's been out for a year and a half and will be going home this December!  

Elder Solano and I have instantly become best friends and are just laughing the whole time that we are together! Come to find out that he is an all state quarterback in Washington as a sophomore?? And after they won the state championship he quit and decided he didn't want to play anymore! So maybe I need to get a football and throw it around with him.  He's super into racing cars and fixing them up and he said when I get home he can show me how to do that and teach me about cars if I want to! Oh and he's a convert to the church at the age of 18! He's 25 right now and is going home this October, so I'm with two older experienced people! And Elder Solano is helping me with Spanish and i'm helping him with his English Grammar! But with the both of them they make an awesome group of people and i'm learning a lot from them! 

So we have this game that we play in the car where we try to wave at everyone and try to get them to wave back at us and one day Elder Solano said, "Yell to them that Jesus loves them" so I role down the window and realize that the girl is Spanish and try to yell that Jesus loves her in Spanish but it totally came out wrong and I said "Jesus ama su" which basically translates to Jesus, he love your. haha Elder Solano started cracking up and told me that he couldn't even tell what I said because I said it so fast and it sounded like Japanese! But on a better note, my Spanish is improving so much and i'm being able to participate in a bunch of other lessons now and being able to play a big part. 

We have two guys that we are planning on getting baptism dates for here in the next week or so, so I should have my first baptism soon and many that should soon follow! The harvesting season is coming to an end so it's easier to find people to teach so these next few months are when the work is supposed to explode! Ahh i'm super excited!

I can't wait to hear from you guys soon, and i'm soo sorry to hear about the trees in the front yard, the yard looks nothing like it used to! It's crazy! I hope things are going well and I hope that Tyler's nose gets better! How is Boston? How is Sara's school? Hows work for dad? And yes of course i'll be thinking about you and praying for you to do well on your lesson on Sunday, I know you're going to kill it! Love you mom, you're the best!!
Love, Elder Romney

Oregon is super pretty!

elder ashcrafts desk is on the left, solanos is on the right and mine is right in the middle!

this is our bedroom! haha nothing special. Mine is by the windows

this is the view from our tiny little balcony that we have! Elder Solano and I go out here a lot at night and just talk about whatever! 

We have a little workout place that we try and use every morning. so you know how I weighed 150 after the hospital? yeah, I weigh almost 170 now... holy cow i'm getting fat... haha not really, but i've gotten up to my normal weight and it's not really all that much muscle!

getting ready to email. this was literally taken like two minutes ago!

we have to wash our car!!

Elder Solano is my personal servant (;

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