Wednesday, July 9, 2014

mtc letter july 8, 2014

So, my time in the mtc is getting a lot better. As the days go on i can feel you guys' prayers and feel you guys close to me! i cant thank the Lord enough for blessing me and helping me not be homesick.  Every day I've prayed to feel the power of the atonement and it has been an amazing experience.  probably the biggest thing that I've learned out here is exactly what the atonement is.  It's way cooler than i could have ever imagined.  I've literally been studying about that almost every single day just to understand how amazing of a gift it is.  i cant thank the savior enough for doing that to me.  ( i dont know exactly why the words are like this anymore, but i dont know how to change it back to normal, so i give up...) 

 sorry the typing is really hard right now because the keyboards are a tad bit different, but its okay!  all of the days have been kind of a blur, so i dont really remember every day specifically but i will try to remember.  I've been able to pick up spanish a lot faster and been able to understand it as well.  i can definitly feel you guys' prayers.  as you already know, everyone in our district has a companion that speaks spanish except me, but in a way that is a blessing, because the rate at which I've progressed is incredible, because as you know every single day we have to teach an investigator for 30 minutes which is really hard, so it forced me to learn words, so i didnt look dumb out there.   they always told us to teach with the spirit, but honeslty the first couple times none of us did, because we were so worried about the language.  but these last two lessons we've taught have been completely different and I've felt the spirit for the first time in my lessons, so i stop and actually try to listen to their questions.  its an amazing experience. 

 it already feels like I've been here for a couple years, its crazy, and it feels like i should be coming home soon, but in reality its just started. its nuts.  i guess its a good thing because now it feels like the last time i was home was a couple years ago! 

 A little side note, Sundays are by far my favorite day, because we get to just sit back and relax, and its really the only time you just feel the spirit super strong while you're here. Oh, and I've sung in everything i can, like firesides and stuff.  one of my roommates always does that, too. his name is elder Hixson and i love the kid to death. He and I are nothing alike, but hes just a funny hard working sweet guy.   

Everyone here is getting sick, and it finally caught up to me a day or two ago. luckily its just a cough and sore throat and diarrhea, and no throwing up or I'd be dead! Haha But i got a blessing from my companion today and it was an awesome experience. My companion and I are getting closer and can laugh and enjoy our time together.   I was able to seal an annointing on a sister the other day who was sick, and that was another good experience! 

If you get the chance and Daniel has room in his bag here, will you put the Answers to my Soul book in there? I'd also like another bar of soap, and pictures of the family. send as many of those as you can, because i dont have very many, especially ones of you and dad! and everybody... I can definitley feel your prayers here and i am thinking of you guys every day, without a doubt and am praying for each of you individual till my knees feel like they are going to fall off. never once are you guys not in my head, especially you mom, i cant thank you enough for all youve done.  im always thinking and praying for you guys. i love you guys so much and cant wait to hear from you next week! love you guys!!!!  Elder Romney

Everyone in my district!

We have mosquito swatting wars... haha it's pretty funny!

All but a few in our district. This is the room we are in almost all day!!

I have no idea what this is.. haha looks like some fire hydrant.

Polishing my shoes!

In front of a big statue in the middle of the CCM!

Elder Evans and I trying to decide who the better ping pong player is!

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