Wednesday, July 16, 2014

mtc letter july 15, 2014

well the time in the mtc is going by a lot faster. the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. we literally are up and working for almost 16 hours and about 13 of those hours are spent in a classroom or teaching an investigator.  to be honest all the days just seem the same and its hard to determine what happened on each day, let alone remember what happened.  We taught some other people the other day, and it was really fun, the guy was already a member and he was about to go on a mission.  he was the only active member in his family and he said that him going on a mission is helping them want to come back and go to church, so i told him in the best broken Spanish that i could that i was so proud of him.  i've learned that on your first visit with someone all you do is try to get to know them as best as you can and figure out what exactly there needs are.  sometimes that's hard, and i'm not feeling like i;m being able to receive revelation very well.  i don't know if that's just because i'm super stressed or what, but it gets super hard sometimes and i don't feel like i can feel the spirit all the time.  or maybe its just because I'm so exhausted!! holy cow its a lot of work out here. and yeah, its true that they have outlawed hand shaking here because everyone is getting so sick! its the worst! i think that's one of the reason that i'm so tired all the time because i'm trying to work hard and trying to fight of a virus.  i found out my companion has viral bronchitis and so that could be pretty bad.  i may have already had that, but i'm not sure!! the food here is now so much better than the  first day, the first day it made all of our stomachs super uneasy, but its okay, because they fired that chef and got a new one!! so i'm super happy about that.  this place is super hard, but i always find the most comfort when i am able to kneel down at night by myself and just tell the lord how i feel and what my problems are. you definitely don't feel the spirit here all the time like i thought you would have before i left, but when you do feel the spirit it is super strong.  just pray that i will have the strength to keep pushing on and moving forward and having motivation to stay out here. i always just remind my self, if shawn brian and josh and tyler and parker could do it, so can i.  they are truly a huge support to me. speaking of which, please tell parker to send his big email through dear elder, because i really want to read it, but i definitely don't have time to.  the times are hard, but the times are also great.  i like my teachers a lot.  one of the stories i shared with an investigator was about how when you (mom) had cancer and i was able to pray to the lord for strength and that he comforted me and that i know that the lord will always comfort them no matter what there trial is. haha i cried a little when i talked about that, but i'm so thankful for that blessing and that i'm able to use my experiences to tell other people that its okay.  i'm doing better with the language and i'm finally getting conjugation which has opened my vocabulary tremendously!  keep praying for me, i cant thank you enough for those prayers, and i promise that ill keep praying for  you every night. there's never a moment i'm not thinking about you and the family. i cant wait to get your stuff from Daniel, i've been looking forward to it for so long!! i love you so much mom, and everyone in the family.  
love elder romney.

The temple is super pretty!

we got to go to the temple today, but we cant actually go inside it because it is closed because it is sinking! but it was still nice to get out of the ccm for a while because i was starting to go crazy being here all the time!

me and elder gessell at the visitors center!

some of the people in my district.

taking selfies with people in my district!

the guys in our district

Elder Romney was also made an uncle again this last week! He was so so so excited and was able to get the news and a picture of him from Elder Smoot the day that he was born. Sweet baby Boston loves his uncle so much!

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