Wednesday, July 30, 2014

mtc letter july 29, 2014

So last Tuesday I was able to give my very first priesthood blessing to a girl named Hermana Brady! She's a sweetheart and is a recent convert to the church. She's 25 right now, and hasn't been able to get married so she decided to go on a mission. But when we were playing kickball earlier that day, she had fallen and hurt her shoulder and later that day after our devotional she asked if she could receive a blessing, so elder Hixson who is our zone leader, asked who she wanted to give the blessing, and she said that she wanted me to give it to her! It was a really cool experience, and I promised her that she would feel no pain and that she would fully recover from her injury and focus on the lords work. The next two days she was completely healed and doing great! Just in the time being here, I have seen more blessings given then ever.  I've only received one and that was when i got sick, and the next day I was completely better and I know they work! There was also a teacher who was engaged, but her boyfriend broke it off, so we were able to give her a blessing of comfort! 
On the 23rd I ended up talking to President Pratt, the guy who runs the whole place and found out that apparently either his grandpa or dad or someone worked with granddad at RPC (Romney Produce Company that our granddad owned) which I thought was really cool! That night, because there are so many mosquitoes here, we built mosquito nets with our blankets so we don't wake up with so many bites all over us! Haha when Elder Gessel my companion built his, Elder Drennan hid in his net for 25 minutes just waiting, and when he jumped out and scared Elder Gessel, I'm pretty sure he almost had a heart attack! 
On the 24th we played lame ball again (which is our four square, tennis volley ball game or whatever) and we incorporated alley oops, and it is way fun and I kind of am kicking trash at it... haha. Oh and I lost a bet with Elder Evans in a game called what are the odds, and now I have to make him a nutella peanut butter sandwich twice a day for the rest of the time in the MTC! Haha its the worst! Haha and so when I make his sandwiches now I just put huge globs of peanut butter and a tiny drizzle of nutella, and he hates me for that! 
On the 25th when Elder Hixson was walking out of the house a bird pooped right on his shoulder and it was so funny! And then that day we found a moth in the bushes the size of a dinner plate, no joke, and it looks a lot like a butterfly, so we decided to catch it and put it in our room, but when we tried to catch it elder Drennan accidentally stepped on its head and almost killed it. So we took it into the classroom and put it in the cupboard but Elder Hixson didn't know, so when he opened it up he saw a giant moth and slammed its wing in the door! Somehow it survived all of this, and now its our class pet. But a couple of days ago we came in, and it was laying on its side pretty much like it was dead, so we decided to set it free. Oh and Elder Gessel and I find giant snails in bushes all the time (it's a very odd place to find a snail) and so we marked it up and decided that was one of our pets too and now we go find him every day in the bushes! 
I got my package on the 26th finally because every time I tried to go and get it, nobody was there so I had to wait a bunch of days! but it was so nice to get the package. They literally always make my day and week! On the 27th it was Sunday and there were a lot of really good videos that they showed. Nothing super eventful happened that day, but now I know what they mean by Sunday being a day to be able to revive your soul, because I love it and it helps me get through the week! And then on the 28th (yesterday) my umbrella broke even more and now if I try and put the rod in and open it, then it shoots out and almost kills people! Haha it was pretty funny! 
Oh and me and Elder Hixson are the only guys in our district that can actually sing, but the girls still want to perform a song in front of our entire branch. Haha it's going to sound the worst ever on Sunday. I literally sing all the time that I'm here! Haha the girls actually ask me to sing now and it's pretty fun! Elder Hixson told me the other day that I should try out for American Idol... haha yeah, no way. 
My Spanish is getting a whole lot better. I can pretty much give any lesson in Spanish except for the last two, and it's getting a lot better. The only problem is that I can only talk about religious stuff. Other than that I'm clueless. I can hold a pretty good conversation with my investigators now which is good! Hopefully I pick it up really fast in the field, because I don't want my trainer to think of me as a drag!  Things are going great here and I love it! This is likely the last time that I'll be able to email you for two weeks, but I guess we'll see when I get to my mission! And if so, I love you Guys!!
Elder Romney

rocking my jacket inside out this morning, and some glasses!

out playing some kickball!!

me, elder hixson is on my right, and elder fletcher is in the back!

kicking some trash at soccer!

my umbrella broke even more... hahahaha yeah. its not holding up to well.

ready for the Day!

me daniel caleb and jeff while they're at gym!

PG Missionaries

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