Tuesday, July 22, 2014

mtc letter july 22, 2014

well this week has been one of the most eventful weeks i've had here!! haha i brought my journal so ill tell you a little bit about each day! well on the 15th i had a really cool experience because we had a district meeting and towards the end the spirit prompted me to say something and it was super off topic, so i pushed it off for a little bit and didn't say anything until again i got that prompting, you need so say this, so i finally raised my hand and said something about prayer which was blatantly off topic. it was that in order for a prayer to be answered, we have to do all we can first.  we cant just pray for a book to move from one end of the room to the next when we standing next to it, because we haven't done all we can yet. we have to literally do everything we can first, and then the lord will answer or specific prayers.  everybody seemed to enjoy the comment but seemed a little confused as to why i brought that up, so i felt kind of stupid, but about 2 minutes later i see one of the sisters crying and i just figured it was from something someone else had said, so i didn't really pay attention (because girls cry a lot here... hahahaha) but at the end of the meeting the girl came up to me and she said, that prompting that you felt, it was for me. i cant thank the lord enough for giving me the opportunity to help someone out. it made me feel so good that i had listened to the spirit! i guess that's what the mission is all about, right? on the 16th i was super mad because that was the day that Daniel came and i didn't ever get to see him and i had no idea where he was so i couldn't go see him that night, but other than that it was a good day! on the 17th elder hixson kicked a ball into one of the labs and almost broke a computer, that was the day i was doing toe touches and ripped my pants and so i went home and changed my pants and went and saw Daniel that night, because i had seen him that morning! we just ran up to each other and gave the biggest hugs ever!! and while i was going  over to Daniels house, my umbrella broke... it was awful! i was so so so excited to get the package!! it made my day and i went to bed so happy! i love the tie Sara sent me and i love the mints and pictures as well! they make me so happy! and i got that pink tie signed by all the guys! on the 18th it literally rained so much that there were rivers where we would walk, our caldesac was literally filled with water, who new it rained so much in mexico? and when we got home that night, the power was out and so we ran around scaring each other all night! haha and elder gessel locked elder fletcher in a closet while he was praying in the closet... don't ask me why he was.. who knows... but that was so funny! on the 19th during our gym time we made up some crazy volleyball tennis foursquare game that was ridiculous and fun! haha i've never laughed so hard before.  On Sunday the 20th it was a super good day, because i finally really got to see Daniel for a while, because our schedules are completely different! so we got to sit next to each other and just talk about everything for forever and i loved it! and then yesterday when i was teaching one of my progressing investigators he pulled out a pamphlet and said that he wanted to read that instead of ours, bu luckily i was able to look at it and found out that it was a Jehovah witness pamphlet and told him to just read ours! and elder drennan a guy in my district spilled all over himself!!  the time is going by a lot faster and its way fun! i've made so many new friends its ridiculous, i don't know half of there names sadly... but its always nice to walk by and here them yell out my name! oh and i've been asked so so many times if i'm related to mitt romney, and everyone is fascinated when they say i am! and apparently there was a romney that dedicated this place where i am? want to find out about that? but yeah my week has been super good and things are looking up, i got into Jesus the Christ lately and that is helping pass time! i'm glad things are going well at home, i hope dad gets better and you know that i for sure will pray for him. there literally has not been one prayer since i've been out here that hasn't been answered and its crazy! this morning elder gessel couldn't find a really important paper and so i prayed for him and he immediately found it when i said amen, so elder hixson asked if id do the same, and i told him to promises he'd find his right away, but as soon as i said amen he found his! it was a crazy experience!! i miss and love you guys so much and i'm always praying for you guys and thinking about you guys!! i love you!!! 
Elder Romney

got a new haircut!! haha we have to get one before we leave, so i thought why not now?

with my really long hair, they begged me to part it so they could take a picture, and i added this awesome smile(:

ripped a giant hole in one of my suit pants. they have a warranty right?

my umbrella broke too.... hahahaha. everyone in my branch makes fun of me because of my super tiny umbrella! haha it pours here and this umbrella doesn't do too much!!

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