Monday, March 28, 2016

march 28, 2016 letter

Dear Family:
It's been a pretty crazy week this week! My new companion is Elder Anzures. He is from Palmdale California. I've sent some pictures of him a long time ago when I first got into the mission. He is the one, when I went to the waterfalls, that was holding me up in the air. I don't know if you remember that at all? But he and I have always been really close, and we are excited to serve together. His parents don't speak very much English, so he is fluent at Spanish and we are able to speak in Spanish all the time, and he is able to help me when I don't know a word or something like that.

We saw so many miracles just in the first little while that we were together. I had been praying that people would be prepared here, and the Saturday before I got here, there was an old investigator that said that they wanted to go to the temple, and then will probably want to be baptized soon!  It's been amazing to see such an incredible amount of miracles already, and we have found 8 solid new investigators that have the potential of being baptized. I wish I had time to write about each investigator and the experience in finding them, but that would take too long right now. It has just been amazing these past few days, with literally miracle after miracle!

I am also living with two other Elders. Elder Caldwell and Elder Peltier. Elder Caldwell is adopted from the Marshall Islands like Lee Illi, and even looks and acts like him.  Elder Peltier is from Canada, but his mom is Guatemalan or something like that. Sadly he didn't speak Spanish before coming out on the mission. They are both really awesome Elders. I go home with Elder Caldwell in June. Elder Peltier was sick for 3 days, and I decided to go out with Elder Caldwell to teach some of his investigators. They were probably some of the most intense lessons I have had on my mission. We taught a young boy who is 17 years old, and when we stopped by his house, we asked him if he had done any reading in the scriptures, and he said that he hadn't because he was busy and didn't have time and things like that. By the time we were done with the lesson, he wanted to read out of the Book of Mormon so badly, and he wanted to come to church. It was incredible to see the spirit work on his heart. He came to church this week and had an awesome time and is going to be baptized in 4 weeks from now. We also taught another family and they decided to be baptized too. 

We had interviews with President Pister, and it was incredible to be with him. He told me about all of the confidence that he is putting in me and how much he expected me to do. I am excited for it and I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for this area and zone!

One cool experience that happened today was when we were shopping at Walmart. We were talking to this cashier, who was not Hispanic, and she said that she had lived in Mexico for 7 years. We had asked her why and she said that her husband had lived there for a while and they had a home there. As we were talking to her she told us that her husband died there, and we asked her how, and she said that he had been shot in the head. We told her about the afterlife, and she almost began to cry and told us she wanted to meet with us. We got her number and we are going to go see her next week!

I love this area and it was awesome being at the Pisters home for la pasqua and to be able to be back in my old area. Keep me in your prayers that we will be able to receive revelation for this zone and that this area and our companionship will grow in faith, and that we will find people who are prepared to listen to the Gospel. 
I love you all!
Love, Elder Romney (:

A gross banana we found in the transfer van that the Assistants use to pick up new missionaries! haha it had been there for 7 weeks.

Me with a baby goat in newberg. 
Transfer meeting. All three of us are from PG. Elder Nathan Allridge, Sister Megan Lovell, and me!
We ate sushi and this one had squid!

Mochi balls at the sushi place.

How i feel at night...

I'm eating my greens!!

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