Monday, March 14, 2016

march 14, 2016 letter

Dear Family:
This week was awesome. I guess the not so awesome part was that I got hit in the eye with a pinecone last Monday. I went to see the eye doctor this last week and had my eyes dilated to make sure that everything was okay and he said I just had a little bit of bruising in the corner of my eye, but he said that everything should be just fine.  I'll go back next month and see how it has progressed, so nothing to worry about there.  The eye doctor is one of the Stake Presidents I have worked with and he is really awesome, and I really appreciate his help! 

Last Tuesday was filled with planning for a bunch of meetings, and on Wednesday we taught all of the district leaders in the mission. It was awesome. We taught them about how to hold effective district meetings and exchanges, and how to hold their missionaries accountable and to look at the key indicators to understand the needs of their missionaries. That night we ended up feeling inspired to go to an apartment complex and set up a meeting with one of our investigators.  Unfortunately, they weren't there when we arrived, so we were beginning to think we hadn't come to the right place. But as we were walking out of the complex, we spotted a lady taking several garbage bags out, and we ran over and helped her. We ended up talking to her for a half hour, standing in the pouring rain in our suits. She told us that she had adopted severely handicapped kids and now they have all passed away. The last girl that she adopted was paralyzed from the neck down and she sat in a room for six years, only leaving once in a while. She would resuscitate her and help her when she had small heart attacks. The little girl was on a ventilator to live and ended up deciding that she was ready to leave this life. It was such a heart breaking story. We ended up singing "I Need Thee Every Hour" to her, and she told us we could come back and teach her. She has only let one person into her house in several years, but she told us she didn't think meeting us was a coincidence and she knew we were from God. We will be teaching her next Monday

On Thursday, we did some planning for the week and it was great. Then I went on a mini-exchange with one of the other Elders in our apartment and we saw so many miracles. Probably the greatest of all of the miracles was meeting a woman we met. We had received a referral to go and contact someone in that same complex where we met the lady who adopted children. We knocked on the referrals' door and nobody answered. As we were walking away, we saw a light on in one of the apartments next door. We felt the impression to knock on the door. This lady opened her door and you could tell there was just a light about her. We talked to her and her kids at the door. We talked about Jesus Christ and how the family can be together forever. She said it just sounded right and told us that she wanted us to come back. We ended up going back the next day with some members and had an amazing lesson. She told us that there was just something different about us and that she could feel a sense of the spirit so strong as we sat there with her. It was one of the more powerful lessons I have had on my mission and she said she would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and come to church. We are super excited for her and her progress. 

We are still teaching the little girl whose mom won't let her be baptized, and things are going great with her. She and her dad came to church on Sunday and we sat with them. There have just been so many miracles this week I cant even count them,. and I am so grateful that God is willing to let me be a part of these amazing experiences! I'm so thankful for the Gospel, and love to see the way it can change people's lives.
I love you all!
Elder Romney

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