Tuesday, June 2, 2015

june 1, 2015 letter

Dear family:
Oohh man today was so good! But before I get on into the baptism I'll have to tell of how understanding math is bringing people to Christ (; haha 

The other day, our investigator called us and told us that her sun was failing his algebra class and couldn't fail his next class or he would have to do another year.  She called us and asked if we could come and teach him how to do his algebra homework because they couldn't get a tutor in time. That's huge for us because just a couple weeks ago he didn't want a single thing to do with the Mormons, but we have started to just open up to him and he has really warmed up to us. I'll have to say, I was pretty nervous about whether or not I would remember how to do that kind of algebra because I hadn't done it in a long time. I got there and he showed me the first problem and I was like crap... I can't remember how to do this. So I got the impression to ask him if he wanted to say a prayer and he kindly declined. And so I said in my head, "okay lord, I've done what you've asked me to do and I sincerely want to help. please bring to my remembrance how to do these things." And it was like a miracle.  As I said that prayer that everything just seemed to click again. It was a real testimony builder that the Holy Ghost can bring to remembrance all things! But it was pretty cool that through learning math I've been able to help others come to Christ! 

The baptism this week was amazing. We had over 100 people there. Even President Samuelian came!! The spirit was so strong and I kid you not that half of the room there was crying. Yes, even me. Haha but it was so good and the spirit you could feel was undeniable. It was golden. I received the impression while sitting there that those two kids will bring more people to this gospel than I could ever imagine. We are hoping that the parents will come around soon as well. 

We have also found a bunch of new people that want to listen to the lessons, so that is a huge blessing! The missionary work is going amazing and I love it out here. 
Love, Elder Romney.

Pictures from the senior missionary couple:
"Our Zone leaders came to our District Meeting today. Here are a few pictures of Elder Romney. He is doing awesome.  It is a pleasure to serve with him."

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