Tuesday, May 26, 2015

may 25, 2015 letter

Dear Family:
Sorry I wasn't able to write to much last time, we had just finished with zone pday so we were running way behind. 

This week has been another really good week. I went on exchanges twice. Once with elder Gessel in his area and the other one with elder Chandler in my area. It was a pretty tough exchange with elder Gessel because for a large part of the time we just walked the trailer parks trying to talk to people, but they all already knew the Elders and weren't interested. I've found the thing that is the toughest is when I have nothing to do. When I don't have to teach a lesson or do paper work or talk to people, it really drives me up the wall! Haha funny right? You'd have never heard me say that back at home... But I guess I enjoy that now! Anyway, we walked for a while until I finally just said, Elder Gessel, we need to think outside the box and find a way to get these Hispanics to come to us, so we sat in the sun and brain stormed for a while and came up with some really good ideas to try and help us find the the Hispanics so we could bring them to Christ. And it was a little tough at first because my Spanish wasn't as sharp as I would like. But I finally got back into the mode of speaking Spanish and it was awesome to teach in Spanish again! We ended the night with two really good lessons and I could feel the power of tongues working through me, it was incredible! Elder Gessel is an awesome elder, we are super sad that he is getting transfered!! I've truly grown to love that elder since the first day we were comps in the mtc. There's no doubt we'll be close even after the mission. 

I also went on an exchange with elder Chandler down in my area and we had some awesome lessons. We had one with a part-member family, and the mom said that she would read the Book of Mormon and was interested in coming to church. She was gone this Sunday, so she wasn't able to, but we have high hopes next week (: And we had a lesson with another investigator again and it was so good! Some members were with us and we re-taught the restoration and asked her to be baptized and she said yes and we decided in a date of June 28th for her baptism. It is going to be so awesome for her. And her husband who wasn't interested just a couple of weeks ago came with her to church and seemed to really enjoy it. We can't seem to get them to stay for the rest of church, but at least they come for the most important part which is Sacrament Meeting.

On Sunday we went over to some more part-member families and potentially have two new investigators with members in their home that are really interested! And there's a 9 year old girl who has been coming to church for 3 years said that she wants to be baptized, but we have to find out if the parents would let her or not... So keep them in your prayers that the parents hearts will be softened!! The confirmation was yesterday for the baptism we just had and was so good. His parents came to church and were just engulfed by the members and really enjoyed it. They said they want to take things a little slower, which is fine, but the spirit is gonna start working on them pretty hard and they'll be members before they even realize it (; they really pretty much are already members. They just have that appearance of members, you know? And they even answered questions in Sunday school. And the girl is being baptized this Sunday and got special permission to be baptized and confirmed on the same day. They normally make converts wait until the following Sunday, but president Samulien gave us permission. 

Things are going really well here and the zone is doing amazing. I'm just a little worried with us prospering like this, satan is going to hit us really hard. So Elder Adams and I are trying to receive revelation of what we can do to keep this fire going and not let satan in. So keep us in your prayers for that as well!! 

I love you all and happy Memorial Day!!
Love, Elder Romney

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