Monday, June 8, 2015

june 8, 2015 letter

Byu Dear Family:
This week was a pretty good week. The biggest highlight of the week was that one of our investigators husband told her that he had some interest in being baptized! Thats crazy, considering about a couple weeks ago he wouldnt even sit down with us in lessons. He is opening up even more each time we teach him. Oohhh and she somehow got into some really deep doctrine and called us the other night wondering if we reallly believed that God was once man. We were a little taken back, not really wanting to explain too deep into the doctrine behind in and we had limited access to deep doctrines like that to explain it more clearly.  We said a lot of prayers and thankfully a lady on facebook explained it out very clearly and simply. I read the thread and it was actually very very impressive. She must have been some mormon scholar and a writer because of the references and the way that she pulled things together and proved her points using the bible and tying it back to the book of mormon and how it all proves that God was once man. It blew my mind. I had already know that doctrine but had never had it spelled out quite like that, which helped increase my testimony of its truthfullness and the real explanation of why Christ came to the earth. I came to more of a testimony that Christ came, not to be adored or anything like that, he just literally wanted to show us the light and the way to become Gods. He is the way and He set the example and we will one day return, if worthy, to be on Gods right hand.

We also had Stake Conference and we went to three different meetings, the leadership meeting, the adult session and the actual stake conference, and it was so good. The member of the seventy that was there, Elder  Call, did a wonderful job and helped my testimony of the importance and usefulness of councils to grow. Councils are one of the most important things we can have within the family and the church, and  conducting them correctly and having the spirit are equally important.   Now im reading "Counciling with Your Councils" by one of the apostles.

This week was a good testimony builder for me and i loved it!
Love, Elder Romney (:

This Last picture is in a meeting with some of the elders who were saying something stupid or coming up with some excuse, and this was my face to him.... haha His comp took the was actually pretty fuunny(:

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