Monday, January 26, 2015

january 26, 2015 letter

Dear Family:
Well this has been a crazy week so far! it really feels like it has been forever since i have been able to email because so many crazy things have been going on and happening.

On Tuesday we had transfer calls and I was with another elder ,Elder Lafrance who is from Canada for two days and that was so much fun. We both were getting ready to get greeny's so it was fun to be able to talk to him about that. 

It was pretty nerve racking going in there to the transfer meeting and seeing all of the greenies there and trying to figure out which was mine. There were four Spanish ons so I had a 1 in 4 chance of getting the one that actually spoke Spanish! It was super awesome because I was the first one called up in the meeting. i went up there with my palms all sweaty knowing that whoever i was put with i had to train for the next twelve weeks! I can get a long with people really well, but you can ask any missionary, if you have to be together for 24 hours a day and you're always under so much stress, if you don't get a good companion it can be really tough. Luckily I got Elder Carbajal.  He is super nice and knows Spanish really well!  He has a huge testimony of the gospel but needs some help with the actually doctrine.  It will be good because he can help me improve my spanish and I will help him improve his knowledge of doctrine(:  For some reason he reminds exactly of Lee Illi, same skin complexion, they talk the same way, and just always says the most random funny things all the time. But i was super impressed by him when we went knocking for the first time. He was super nervous and kind of stumbled on his words, but he was fearless and didn't back down. That is exactly what we need! He is an awesome elder and just wants to share the book of mormon with everybody so it is really good to be with him.  I just have to help him kind of channel the doctrine and things like that so the lesson doesn't get off track, but other than that he is doing super good for a greeny! 

I had my first district meeting and it actually turned out to be a really good success. I focused on working with members. Some stats are that in the US, 3% of baptisms comes through missionary efforts alone, and the other 97% comes from the members giving us referrals. It just helps so much and they already have somebody to be there friend in the church. I taught about the three "keys" that we need to have success and how we already had 2 and just needed the last. The first key was investigators, the second was missionaries who want to do the work, and the 3rd is the members getting involved. We came up with a really good idea for when we give dinner messages and it will help out so much with the members! You could definitely feel the spirit in there!  

We are having a lot of success out here and I just hope I still get to stay in my area because we had 1 family on date and another 2 almost there! I really hope that I get to keep working with them, but if all the lord wanted me to do was plant the seed in their hearts, that's what I'm going to do. Its tough, but i know that the lord will guide me in whatever i need to do. keep me in your prayers! 

I love you all!! 
Love, Elder Romney(:

Elder Allridge and me
So many Groceries
All 4 of us are packed in this little room!  We'll be moving to a larger apartment in a week or so.
All of the elders in our district
Sister Villalobos thinks she is so funny! haha

Me, with a cute little girl holding a dog(:

Me, with some of the investigating boys(:

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