Monday, January 19, 2015

january 19, 2015 letter

Dear family:
So this week was pretty fun! All of the investigators that I told you about in the last letter are still progressing and we actually have noche de hogar with them tonight at 7 with a member family, so that is going to be super good for them to get to know members even better. We are going to have the members invite them to be baptized today after we read with them Alma 32, so keep us in your prayers that that will go good!

So as for transfers this week, we found out that Elder Perryman will become the zone leader, and i will become the District leader down here. which means that we are getting a new companionship here with us. They are splitting us up, so we are not sure yet who is going where and what is happening yet, I just hope and pray that I still get to work with these families that we found because I truly do love them so much. I am a little nervous because on top of being the district leader I will be training a brand new person from the mtc! So yeah, i'm basically pregnant right now... not sure how i feel about that, but luckily my birthing process wont be too hard and he is just handed to me instead(: Its crazy because I will be training in the same exact place that I got trained. I'm super excited for him because this is one of the best places that you can be trained with how high the Hispanic population is, so it will be good for him to talk with a bunch of different Hispanics! There is a good chance that he could be Hispanic as well so that would be super good to be able to practice my Spanish with him. I am pretty nervous about this all but I know that it is what the lord wants and I will do whatever he asks me to do. I'm excited to find out who my new companion is and show him what it is like to be in the mission! 

So this week is was pretty sad, because right after district meeting we came out and found out that our tire had become completely flat from a nail that we had run over, so we changed it, along with the sisters who wanted to learn how to replace the tire. haha it was quite the experience because the jack that we had to jack it up was probably the worst thing in the entire world,  and when we had gotten it pretty high, we realized that we hadn't pulled the E-brake and so it started to slide just a little bit, so we jumped up and pulled it. So that jack got bent, and we had to use the other sister's to finish jacking it up and then put on a spare tire and take it to les schwab. haha it was a fun experience, as well as the other day when we found cat hair and pee all over the back of our car. It turns out we have a cat that loves to roll around in its pee around the apartments!

We were able to have a lesson, well breakfast and a lesson, with a family. I don't know if you guys remember them, but she had read almost of the book of mormon, but her husband didn't want to be a part of the church, so we just were able to testify to him of the importance of the book of mormon and why this church was the church of Christ restored on the earth. It was a strong spirit while we were there and hopefully it changed his mind about our religion. 

And this morning we were able to play basketball with like 25 people in the youth to try and get closer to them and get them to come out to lessons with us and it was super good! We have already been able to use some of the girls and they have been able to come out and help us with some of our investigators that are super shy. It was super good because on Saturday we had a lesson with another family, showing the video of the restoration. It was awesome because we have only ever been able to get the parent and one of their 11 year old sons to sit down and listen to our lessons, but this time we were able to get the whole family to come. After the video was over, we testified of how we know that Joseph Smith restored this church and that we have the true and living church on the earth. and asked the 20 year old son, who previously wanted absolutely nothing to do with religion and his parents swore on it that he would never come, if he would come to church. he sat there for about 30 seconds honestly and truly contemplating on whether he would or not. You could see how much the spirit was working on him. After the 30 second wait, he looked at me and said "I'm in". it was the best thing ever. So now we have almost the entire family, well 4 of the six kids, the other two live in Hubbard, so hopefully we can get the whole family together and baptize them as a big family and then go to their sealing (:

We had another successful week with our investigators at church, two of the families weren't able to go, one of them because her daughter was having surgery and the other because there dad is leaving back to mexico, but we will definitely be seeing them this upcoming week(: 

I love you Guys! 
Love, Elder Romney(:

getting my shirt all dirty changing the tire

sister villalobos cranking the thing for us(: (she wanted to, by the way)

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