Tuesday, February 16, 2016

february 15, 2016 letter

Hey Family!! 
It was a great week, but it's been a little tough, because we don't have many investigators right now, and we are trying to find new ones. So keep us in your prayers that we can find prepared people, or that they can find us! 

We had MLC (Mission Leadership Counsel) this week and it was awesome. We taught about asking inspired questions on the street and with our investigators, and how inspired questions can open the hearts of our investigators. 

I think one of the biggest lessons that I have learned this week is to rely on God. I think for a while I had been relying too much on my own personal ability and not enough on Jesus Christ, or really remembering that He will be able to help me in the work. That has been a very humbling thing, to realize that I can't do anything without my Savior. So keep me in your prayers that I can figure it all out! haha 

We also had an amazing Area Stake Conference where they talked about keeping your testimony strong in the church. This week was so busy, so it is honestly just a blur, so I feel like don't remember very much. I'm just trying to work on my patience and focus on the fact that God will help us find new investigators. 
Sorry about the short letter, but we're so busy, and I've got to run!
I love you all! 
Love, Elder Romney

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