Wednesday, November 18, 2015

november 16, 2015 letter

 Dear Family:
I definitely don't have enough time to write everything that I would like to about all that happened this week, because this week was by far the busiest week of my mission! The first couple of days we weren't even able to proselytize in our area because we were so busy, but later on we were able to get out a little bit more and find some people to teach, so that was good. I wish I could write all of the events that happened this week, but there was just too much going on!  We were in a meeting with president and then in another with the office staff for several hours today and it took up most of our day and I still had to get a haircut and other Pday things, too! 

This week it was so so much fun to get to know all of the missionaries. We were in charge of picking up and dropping off all of the missionaries that were coming and going.  The only really stressful part that I have had so far being an AP was having to keep up with president while I was following three other cars and a van and then GPS didn't even give right directions, so it was a little hectic. I actually really enjoy the fast pace here and the hard tasks that are placed before me, but just like dad, sometimes i get a little ancy on the road! But it was pretty exciting! Transfer week is ridiculously busy and it's a lot of fun. On Thursday we had to help all of the missionaries get their new companions and then we had to drive some around the state to get them to their areas. We had to take one to Salem and when we got there ,the car that they had, had a flat tire, so we had to help them fix that, only to find out that the car was dead. And then some really awesome Relief Society ladies gave us some food to eat and so we sang for them (: 

Right now I live in a three floor apartment with 6 other elders, so 8 in total. 4 of them are only staying here right now because they are waiting for their apartments to open, so it is pretty crowded, but a lot of fun! This month will be really busy... we have Zone Conferences which are different then ZTM because it's with several combined zones in Bend, Forest Grove, and in Lebanon that we have to go to and help teach. Then we have Thanksgiving, and then interviews and then MLC and then we have the Christmas Concerts which are in three different places again, and interviews with president again and then we have Christmas! So this next month is going to be really busy and I'm super excited! 

I am also excited to keep helping this branch turn into a ward. There are a ton more Hispanics here then there were in Lebanon and they are so ready for the gospel; we just need to find them. This week for zone conference we will be teaching about opening our mouths to everyone, Sabbath day observance, drawing on the powers of heaven, service, and working through members to find people to teach. I will specifically be talking about working with members, so that will be fun, and then I will help the missionaries role play what it's like to invite members to do things like invite their friends to church. 

I testify that this church is true, and it continues to bring me the most peace in my life. I love this work, and I love to see others grow and see their testimonies be strengthened! 
Elder Romney (:

The elders whose tire popped! The new elder is off to the right (:

Awesome exchange with one of the elders in my apt.

These are the 8 elders that live in our apt.

An investigator didn't show up at the church. Sad day 😢

Last day in Lebanon (PS I gave him that shirt. Feeling super special right now.)
Our district

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