Wednesday, September 23, 2015

september 21, 2015

Dear family:
Sorry that I am writing kind of late, but this week was really awesome. We had 5 baptisms in the zone this week..... I'm pretty sure that's the most baptisms that this zone has ever had in one week! 

We had the baptism on Saturday and another on Sunday! We had a lot of awesome participation by the ward and we had 2 major politicians of Oregon come! One was Shawn Lindsay and the other was Rob Cornilles. They are super awesome guys. Shawn Lindsay baptized L and Brother Corbridge baptized J. It was so spiritual there and you could definitely feel the love that was in the room. Elder Adams and I ended up being the witnesses for both of the baptisms. He came up here all the way from Lebanon! There were so many bumps in the road with both of them and there were so many times that they were close to falling away, but each time as they prayed and read from the book of Mormon they were able to overcome the trials. They are probably my biggest testimonies that the Book of Mormon and prayer and going to church changes lives. Seeing the Book of Mormon change their life strengthened my testimony so much. I've become really really close to them and they promised they would come for my homecoming. They will definitely be people I will always remember. On Sunday I was able to confirm L a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She is the first person that I've personally confirmed. It was kind of nerve wracking to give a blessing in front of everyone at the ward, but it was thrilling! She said after that her heart was so full and she is so thankful for her decision to be baptized. She cried and said it was the first time she had ever cried for joy in her life and then said,  jokingly, that she didn't know if she could stand crying like this all the time! J also had an amazing experience and they are excited to be sealed in the temple in a year! If I can, I want to come back for their sealing with the other missionaries that taught her. 

A's baptism was awesome as well. They had all the young women sing at it and her dad baptized her. He began to cry as he said the words to baptize her and it was so sweet and tender. I'm glad that the converts are baptized by their close acquaintances or relatives, because they will be with them the rest of their lives, and we missionaries are just going to leave a month later! She will be confirmed a member next Sunday. It was such an amazing weekend and we are excited for them to start their new journey. From my mission I will be able to see a couple families be sealed for all eternity, and that is so special for me. I love this gospel. I testify that God Loves us and that he is in every detail of our lives if we just look for him. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 
I love you guys! 
love, Elder Romney(:

Ball python at a members house!

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