Wednesday, September 16, 2015

september 14, 2015 letter

Dear Family:
This week was a way fun week! We were able to have Mission Leadership Counsel and to have Zone Training Meeting.  The biggest focus in ztm was charity and the Book of Mormon. We spent a lot of time in MLC counseling on how we can better help get people to the waters of baptism. We decided that the Book of Mormon was key, and that we all needed to strengthen our testimonies of our Savior through the Book of Mormon. We also discussed that we needed to help our missionaries better understand the Book of Mormon and to then help them encourage their investigators to read from it every night. Using the BofM is what we have seen as the biggest tool for helping people in their conversion to the gospel.  As a mission leadership counsel, we felt that we needed to teach our missionaries about how to better study from the book of Mormon and to have a spiritual conversion each time they read. We invited them to read from the book of Mormon every day and always ask if it is true. We are making that a big push till the end of the year. So I invite you guys to do the same! Pray each time before reading to know if the book of Mormon is true, and ask for the holy ghost to be there, and then after reading, pray to Heavenly Father to know that the book of Mormon is true. Even if you already know it is true, God will always strengthen your foundation in that testimony.

We brought all of these concepts back to our zone in zone training meeting, and then we taught them (and this was my particular part in ZTM) how to present the book of Mormon to people, particularly on the street and how to use it as a finding tool.  Then I gave them each a book of Mormon and we all practiced on each other, opening a discussion and handing the book out.  Then I invited all of them to hand out that book of Mormon in their hands by the end of the day.  I still need to follow up with them and see how they did!  Next, elder Allridge taught about how to follow up with your investigators on if they are reading the book of Mormon and encouraging them keep reading. One of the things that I found to be super helpful is just asking them how the book of Mormon makes them feel! We reminded all the missionaries to always follow up with their investigators after inviting them to read from the book of Mormon. 

Our investigators are doing awesome. two of them will be baptized on Saturday at 4 and another will be baptized on Sunday at 6, so this weekend will be way fun! Keep us in your prayers that we can keep finding more people to teach. 

For P-day today, elder clark and tayco and allridge and i went out to the highschool football field and ran routes. Elder Clark is a sweet QB and wants to play at byu as a walk on, and elder tayco plays corner and elder allridge plays both as well. So we had a lot of fun running around out there and running 1 on 1's. That was the first time that i have ran routes in almost 2 years since the end of my highschool career! it was a lot of fun!! 

Last week was awesome and I'm super excited for this next week and the baptisms! Please pray that they will go well and that a lot of people can come(: 

I love you all and keep working hard and renewing your testimonies of the Book of Mormon. I know that it brings the most happiness as you read it. I know that this church is true and that God loves us and all of His children. I know my Savior lives. The gospel is awesome!!
Love, Elder Romney (:

Mission Leadership Counsel

Zone Training Meeting

On an exchange with Elder Hair! I am the shadow on the left.

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