Wednesday, July 22, 2015

july 20, 2015 letter

Dear family:
So this week has been good, but it has also been a pretty discouraging week. I just didn't feel super good and I felt somewhat complacent and at a plateau in my progression in the gospel.  Then one of our investigators broke up with her boyfriend and was kicked out of the house and sent to Portland, so we aren't able to teach her anymore, so this week started out pretty tough. 

But I was so glad that i was going to be able to have interviews with president! We went to a youth conference just before interviews on Saturday and he gave an amazing talk on overcoming challenges and fears. He talked about David & Goliath and how David had to overcome something so much bigger than himself and had to turn to God to help him. Some interesting facts about Goliath:  he was 9' 9" and his armor weighed 150 pounds.  President had us write down what we needed to change on 5 smooth rocks, like David used to kill Goliath. It really seemed to help me focus, and the interview with president was so good. He can really read you and he answered every question I had. The spirit of discernment is real. 

On a happy note, our other investigators are still doing so amazing, and we are hoping they will move their baptism date up still!  This week was a big testimony builder of my love for Jesus Christ, I know that He lives and I know that He loves us and will help us through any trial. 
Elder Romney (:

Calling people in the zone at night!!

Awesome new bike!

I guess we were jammin' out too hard to MoTab in the car!

A little boy I think kind of looks like me

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