Wednesday, July 15, 2015

july 13, 2015 letter

Dear family:
This last week our investigator, asked us if we could watch her garden for her while she was gone, so we offered to water her garden at night while she was away. She called us just before she left and told us that she had left a thing of macaroni salad by the front door and that she left it unlocked and to just reach in and grab it and then lock the door. So we went over there around 8 pm to grab the salad and water the garden that night. We opened the door and we could hear something coming from the living room and saw that the lights were on in there, so we opened the door a little wider and saw that the macaroni salad wasn't there and that we could hear the TV on in the living room. So we started knocking on the door saying their names and asking if anyone was there. We didn't get any response so we walked into the living room and turned off the lights and the t.v. and went into her backyard to water her garden like she had asked. I kept getting this creepy feeling that someone or something was watching us from the upstairs window from the master bedroom, so after we were done watering the garden, we decided to go upstairs and make sure there wasn't someone who had broken into the house. We entered through the back door and I went to the kitchen and grabbed some scissors and we started to make our way upstairs. We got to the top and all the lights were off and all the doors were shut, so we were getting ready to check each room. When we had opened the first door, we realized there wasn't anyone in it, so we moved onto the master bedroom. Elder Adams got to the end of the hall and just stopped in his tracks and said, "I hear music and the shower going.  There is someone in there." And, not really wanting to confront a robber or whomever was in there taking a shower, we decided to leave and go sit in the car and have a stakeout to see if anyone came out of the house. We waited for a little while until someone in our ward drove by and we decided to go and talk to him about it and ask for his advice. We wanted to ask him because he is an attorney and knows a lot more about the law, as to what we should or shouldn't do. We decided to contact her son on Facebook through a message and not to go back in the house so we wouldn't be responsible for anything, and so something didn't happen to us. We would have called her but she was up in the woods with her husband and they had no service, so we just had to wait it out. Turns out when they got home, we talked to them about the situation and they told us that they had left the t.v. on for their cats that stayed in the house... haha we both felt dumb about freaking out about a t.v. being on and her not telling us about leaving it on. So in the end, the only threat behind that door was a harmless house cat! Kind of lame sauce, I was sort of hoping it was some crazy guy (; 

We were teaching a girl, who is Brother T's, brother's girlfriend, the one who has accepted to be baptized, and Brother T's whole family decided that they wanted to come. Brother T's brother, who has been less active. came and sat down to listen, so we started to teach him too. When Brother T began to bear his testimony of the restored gospel, his brother started to freak out and yell at us. We were all able to handle it calmly, but he was persistent in getting in what he didn't agree with. It was kind of weird, because i could feel the spirit enter into me and i just began to testify even more boldly to her about living prophets. It was a cool experience to see that even though there was an opposition in the room, we were able to keep the spirit in there. 

All our investigators are doing really well, and are progressing toward baptism! We looked over all the people that we are teaching, and there are about 8 or so people who should be baptized, but there is just something in the way. so if you could keep them in your prayers, that would be soo nice! Thank you! 
Elder Romney (:

 Having fun in Tillamook

At a Chinese restaurant in Tillamook

This was a while ago, but those M&M's got spread everywhere and Elder Adams was doing something crazy, so this was my look to him... Haha I bet you've seen that face before!

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