Wednesday, August 26, 2015

august 24, 2015 letter

Sorry that I am writing you so late, we ended up having to do a lot of things since it was Elder Allridge's first day and we needed to get a lot of stuff done and buy some things. But it was an awesome week. We had the most investigators at church today that they've had in Dairy Creek for a long time. We had 7 come. 

We had a really cool experience this week with a Cambodian family! So this Saturday, we had a really cool experience. A little while ago Elder Adams and I found an awesome Christian man who was riding his bike. We were in North Plains and had seen some guy riding a bike and he had waved us and we waved back, and then we saw him again, and again, and finally when we were walking to someones house, we saw him at his house getting off his bike, so we figured that the Lord was trying to give us a sign that this guy needed the gospel. So we went over to talk to him and he was super nice. We talked to him for a long time about how the LDS religion was sticking to their beliefs and he said he wanted a place that he could raise his child with good standards, and he liked the way we lived. His wife is from Cambodia and can speak pretty good English and his mother-in-law is  from there as well, but doesn't really speak any English at all. So we told him that there is a guy in our ward that went on his mission to Cambodia and that we could have him come over and teach with us. He thought that was one of the coolest things ever. So he gave us his number and told us to call him on Monday night to set up a lesson. Oh and he also said that if he was going join any church, that it would be the Mormon church. He is a christian and has huge family beliefs! So we were super excited and we called him that Monday night and got no response, so we called him the next day and still no response, and then we tried a couple days later to give it a break and still no response. So we were like, welp, looks like he just blew us off. But we decided to go over to his house, but he has a gated fence and we didn't just want to open the gate and walk in, so we started like clapping and knocking on the fence, and there was no response. So we left and figured that we would never get in contact with him again. But this week, while we were in North Plains we got the impression to go by his house again. We went there and just started knocking on the gate, when all of the sudden a white car pulls up behind us up to the gate. We felt a little awkward since we were just knocking on their fence door and we probably looked pretty weird. But she said, in a very heavy Cambodian accent, "oh, come in!" and she immediately took us around back and we sat down. Then he came out back with his daughter and we had an awesome conversation about the gospel and how they can be blessed as a family in the church. We gave them a book of Mormon, and asked them to come to church. They were so engaged and so interested about the LDS religion. They committed to come to church the next day. So on Sunday, we waited outside for them to come, and there they came, strolling in all dressed up! And just as they were walking up the brother who speaks Cambodian, got out of his car with his family. We introduced him to the family and he started speaking in Cambodian to her and she was so shocked! She immediately fell in love with him because he was white and can speak Cambodian. We had an amazing sacrament meeting, talking about how the Book of Mormon can bless our lives. After the meeting, we asked them how they felt about it, and they said they loved it and they would seriously consider joining the church, so we are so excited for them. The mother in law is Buddhist, and said if someone could speak her language, she might want to become christian! 

It was an awesome week, and we had a super good lesson with the bishop and two of our other investigators and things are going great there.  And the one we went to the temple with is still pushing to be baptized on the 20th of September and we will find out at our next lesson on Friday!  There is so much potential here and I love it. The work of the Lord is awesome. And it is super cool being with one of my PG boys! Haha it wasn't a huge surprise at transfer meeting, but I was super happy! I am loving it with Elder Allridge and we are going to tear it up! It was an awesome week full of miracles. I love you all!! Love, Elder Romney (:

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